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Vesuvius vesuvius Count Orlock
  • Is the corporate LAN dying or Google just wants to make a point of avoiding MS

    , fanbaby wrote

    Hope this article isn't behind a paywall for you:


    It makes sense to me. A cloud provider's security team dwarfs many IT departments.

    I hope I'm not offending anyone here whose livelihood rests on Active Directory.

    Microsoft are doing exactly the same with Office 365. The typical sys admin role of managing an exchange server or servers has its days numbered. Most of what the article describes is available in Azure.

    You will find that your livelihood is also more uncertain as technological advances are made


  • Another day, another locked thread

    @NoelCarboni: This is a Microsoft Forum with Enthusiasts, Developers and Staff that are passionate about the work the company and they do, so it is easy for emotions to spill over when people encounter things they disagree with, there is good and bad in that.

    Microsoft have now released a build with Aero Glass that you can download and vote for to negate your reaction thus far to Windows 10, hopefully placating you and hopefully reducing the likelihood that tempers flare and threads are locked irrespective of who is to blame.

  • Another day, another locked thread

    , NoelCarboni wrote

    In case you didn't notice, I'm not complaining.  I've been explaining.  I have the skills to overcome all these issues - why would I complain?

    Step back a moment...  The thread is about "why are so many people so upset?", right?

    It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that if Microsoft had provided an Aero Glass option, most Windows 7 people would enter the Windows 10 realm with an open mind, instead of "what's this crap you're trying to push on me?"

    (to no one in particular here) Please try to avoid the urge to pigeon-hole those you interact with.



    So Microsoft have to design a Porsche 911, and keep churning out a similar design. They have been proactive and provided a way to vote on this. I would use all my frustration to galvanise niners to vote as well to strengthen your cause, rather than complaining (It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see...that is complaining)

    If you would like to see Aero come back to Windows, Microsoft's Gabriel Aul suggests you head over to the Windows Feedback app in the Windows Technical Preview, and 'Me too'/vote for one of the many requests to bring back the theme


    P.S., I've seen your avatar more often spelled "Orlok" without the 'c'.

    You will probably see me spell centre and rationalise different to center and rationalize as well. I'm a rather peculiar vampire, I don't drink blood, I have a thirst for coffee (Terry Pratchett)

  • Another day, another locked thread

    , NoelCarboni wrote


    I suppose I need to spell it out for you:  Providing fewer UI options / less configurability is a pretty good definition of degraded.


    My personal observation is that most of your complaining will fall on deaf ears because you are after a company like Porsche's 911, where the same shape is regurgitated so much so, all versions in the last 50 years look the same.

    You can write pages and pages about people moving your cheese, fully seized that your complaint is a worthy one. None of your complaints or wastingtimewithforums's will contribute to the demise of Microsoft however convinced of the case you may be.

    As I have said before, with large products like Windows you are never going to please everyone, your complaints are valid and emotional ones for you, but not what the masses want, unfortunately, that is the way commercial organisations work, either change the system, or just acknowledge that your are wasting your time complaining, because the lowest common denominator does not care.

    This will free up your time to go or a walk and feed the ducks in the park, or go for a coffee at Starbucks.

    PS - Not interested in flame wars


  • Another day, another locked thread

    Why can't everybody just get along?

    There is a CSS script you can run to make posts by person X invisible, the more you bicker and trade blows and have fun poking derision at your aggressor, the more you generally lose the respect of the audience.

  • Another day, another locked thread


  • Best of //build/

    , DavidJohnson wrote

     Better to not say anything and be thought a fool, than open your mouth and prove it.

    That's a good one, I've heard it said as "Better to not say anything and be thought a fool, than open your mouth and remove all doubt!"


  • Best of //build/

    @blowdart: A real pity the world is infested with people that make objectivity and discussion difficult.

    Most people don't stop to think this is a billion dollar company before they try and twist assertions into internet scandals, especially when you have some of the finest minds on offer.

    -- (minus minus)

  • When is the hololens available for preorder for developers?

    @bartstadhouders33: The announcement yesterday indicated that there were hundreds available that people would return after trialling, so I would say that we are a few months away from this information becoming available, I may be wrong, but share your enthusiasm equally.

  • Best of //build/

    , DeathBy​VisualStudio wrote


    So what are you working on? ;)

    I think we need to be careful about pressing people too much for information about what they are doing, as this forum only goes quiet, while people avoid it because they might slip-up or unintentionally leak information about an incubation product.

    Sven, blowdart and the rest work on commercially sensitive work, Charles has already castigated a certain journalist with the surname Foley or misappropriating his statements.