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Vesuvius vesuvius Count Orlock
  • Microsoft Kill Off Windows Phone

    @Bass: Performance VS Productivity. WPF allows you to interface with a lot of middleware and ActiveX controls and all the Macros and custom VBA code running in financial organisations which is why there literally are hundreds of WPF jobs in the City at the moment.

    The City itself has never embraced HTML probably because of the availability pipeline, if a connection breaks, a desktop app can handle that far better than a webpage (granted that offline capabilities are new) allowing for a commercial transaction to be completed rather than the HTML way of either doing a HttpGet again or telling users "don't press this button again because the transaction has started", HTTP is a problem in transactional systems

  • Microsoft Kill Off Windows Phone

    @figuerres: WCF and The Sync Framework which is the backbone of some Azure services is all XML so it tremendously powerful

    JSON Vs Xml is probably another example where the closing braces in Xml mean extra bytes of data down the wire so JSON won

    I think the business world (in the UK at least) is HTML all the way, there isn't a single CTO or Technical Director that has approached their board about delivering a product that ships through a store with a 30% mark-up.

    This is the reality and why Windows Store and Xaml apps in general are going the way of the dodo bird, I don't ever see Microsoft reversing their decision so the world for the next 10 years will be HTML for 90% of projects. The only places employing Xaml developers in the UK is the Stock Market where latency is an issue and the desktop applications responsive nature is important where milliseconds mean millions in their real-time systems. Yes there will be the odd scientific app that gets commissioned, but the environment is purely a result of iOS and Android and the politics @ Redmond

  • Underwater data center

    Pretty cool

  • Microsoft Kill Off Windows Phone

    Article from Forbes Magazine

    Windows Phone sales have dropped by over 57%, article here.

  • how to sort in ascending order multiple decimal numbers in list using c#.net

    @TechSuport: figuerres is right, you are not dealing with decimals in the example you supplied in the initial post. Since your name is TechSuport one would guess at this being a list of IP addresses.

    figuerres advice is what you need, something like

    string addrString = "";
    IPAddress address;
    if (IPAddress.TryParse(addrString, out address)) {
           //Valid IP, with address containing the IP
    } else {
           //Invalid IP


  • WM10 hell.

    @magicalclick: My hell is a Windows 8 laptop I updated that reverts back to Windows 10.

    In a nutshell I updated it to the latest Windows 10, if I put it to sleep by closing the lid, when I open the lid the next day it takes 30 mins to an hour while is reverts to a previous Windows 10 build.

    The laptop then updates in a few days time to the latest version until I put it to sleep by closing the lid, where when I reopen the lid it I get nothing but a blank screen, hard reset it by holding down the power button, then the next time is restarts it reverts.

  • MS takes another bite at Windows App developer proceeds

    , Bass wrote

     A 30% cut is already a pretty big cut when you think about it for a store that is all digital. 

    Therein lies the problem with a lot of products people are building for the most part in this new digital economy. There are a lot of companies making a lot of money selling snake oil, though Microsoft's biggest obstacle is it has a history of providing PC and Server software and third parties build commercial applications on top of, with complete control, but now there is this store. Visual Studio for the first 15 years allowed you to create installation projects (set-up projects), then Microsoft decided to withdraw this since the inception of the online store.

    Unfortunately, Microsoft function a lot like The Emperors New Clothes sometimes, it is pretty clear to everyone that a mistake is being made here, but everyone still pretends that an Emperor that is completely 'starkers' is actually wearing clothes. 

  • MVC Creating a Order/Items View

    @RamblingGeekUK: the MVC music store app on the ASP.NET will show you how to do this. I would also recommend this  MVC book as that will answer all the questions you are likely to have

  • On the subject of Desktop Development

    I last did desktop development a few years ago, only the stock market or military need to develop desktop apps.

    All the desktop apps I have written, are still in use, most web apps I have haver written have been rewritten or replaced.

    The hidden cost in the web is the amount of proper testing required, even going TDD 100% does not mitigate this, in general, the web is quite a lot more expensive both short and long term. whichever way you look at it.

  • JetBrains to release C# IDE

    @Ray7: With Visual Studio the subscription model does bring huge benefits technologically, and new capabilities, with Resharper, that is based around C#.

    If you factor in that the latest version of C# contained no fundamental improvements to the language but more refining existing features, I don't think Resharper is suited to the way they are trying to generate revenue, as awesome as it is.

    I have used Android Studio based on their IntelliJ IDEA which is basically ugly as hell Java forms in Windows. Like JavaScript necessity is the driving factor behind usage, so pretty sure there will be a use case for this. If only Microsoft had invested in Mono when Novell put it up for grabs