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Vesuvius vesuvius Count Orlock
  • blowdart getting technical

    Some people only scan through the coffeehouse so may miss this https://channel9.msdn.com/Blogs/Seth-Juarez/ASPNET-Core-Authorization-with-Barry-Dorrans

  • Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner and Singularity

    , davewill wrote


    When this tipping point occurs, the make up of the top 50 or 60 people will be key to the rest of humanity.

    We are already there in some ways. Microsoft's Cortana, Apple's Siri, Google, Facebook, and IBM's Watson are 5 out of those fifty. If you add reaper drones and military missiles, you soon hydrate half that list. The other half will probably be nuclear power and GM food as those are mans real dependencies i.e. energy and food.

    Microsoft's future is turning everyone into a permanent customer by yearly subscriptions, capitalism has its benefits, but protecting the environment and improving all humans lives is quite bad business e.g. you could subsidise the majority of the populations major illnesses through free medicine, but this goes against the balance sheet bottom line for all pharma companies.

    Maybe AI will allow humanity to take accountability for each other and not the balance sheets of the top 2% of people, but it is more likely mankind is actually fervidly after a system where 50 or 60 people control everything and we will either sleepwalk or jump in voluntarily into this "brave new world"

  • MS buying Xamarin

    @svelasquez123: I loved the end to end demo they did for the Iowa caucus race app here on channel 9.

    The cost benefit of JavaScript frameworks has meant the default for most companies has been HTML. I have been doing HTML development for the last few years, this may swing the focus back round to native apps.

    I thought this would never happen if I am honest, probably because Xamarin refused to sell, everyone has their price I guess.

  • Problem with XAML designer in Visual Studio 2015

    , busezgi wrote

    @vesuvius:I am using Windows 10 and this link takes me to Windows 8.1 update page. Also, when I go to my windows 10 update panel, I see it freezes 13% updating, but it doesnt go further.

    I stuck in the same issue with Visual Studio design view.

    You need to try and correct the issue with Windows 10 Update on your computer first, as that update that keeps failing, likely contains the fix for the designer issue you are seeing.

    I would also try ensure you update visual studio to the latest update pack and any updates

  • Microsoft Kill Off Windows Phone

    @Bas:I think the world is amid a transformation where a lot of companies are looking to create their own software platforms. Agile development allows these non-engineering based companies to develop something that usually requires skilled engineers.

    Web development has been the chosen technology for a lot of these companies as everyone seems to do what everyone else is doing, you could say it is viral.

    JQuery is an old technology and not worth using now according to Ward Bell. AngularJS is deprecated as TypeScript introduction in version 2.0 will mean a complete rewrite. Both these technologies have lasted less than half the time WPF has, even now as  I write, there are countless jobs listing AngularJS as their most sought after skill, yet its already deprecated and anything you do now will have to be rewritten, that is the market for you.

  • I suspect MS has gotten sabotage by corporate spies.

    @magicalclick: Microsoft use an Agile software delivery mechanism which means they consistently ship software with a lot more unbelievable bugs than they used to, if you use Apple software you will find fewer issues as they develop the way Microsoft used to and release software when it is ready.

  • Microsoft Kill Off Windows Phone

    @Bass: Performance VS Productivity. WPF allows you to interface with a lot of middleware and ActiveX controls and all the Macros and custom VBA code running in financial organisations which is why there literally are hundreds of WPF jobs in the City at the moment.

    The City itself has never embraced HTML probably because of the availability pipeline, if a connection breaks, a desktop app can handle that far better than a webpage (granted that offline capabilities are new) allowing for a commercial transaction to be completed rather than the HTML way of either doing a HttpGet again or telling users "don't press this button again because the transaction has started", HTTP is a problem in transactional systems

  • Microsoft Kill Off Windows Phone

    @figuerres: WCF and The Sync Framework which is the backbone of some Azure services is all XML so it tremendously powerful

    JSON Vs Xml is probably another example where the closing braces in Xml mean extra bytes of data down the wire so JSON won

    I think the business world (in the UK at least) is HTML all the way, there isn't a single CTO or Technical Director that has approached their board about delivering a product that ships through a store with a 30% mark-up.

    This is the reality and why Windows Store and Xaml apps in general are going the way of the dodo bird, I don't ever see Microsoft reversing their decision so the world for the next 10 years will be HTML for 90% of projects. The only places employing Xaml developers in the UK is the Stock Market where latency is an issue and the desktop applications responsive nature is important where milliseconds mean millions in their real-time systems. Yes there will be the odd scientific app that gets commissioned, but the environment is purely a result of iOS and Android and the politics @ Redmond

  • Underwater data center

    Pretty cool

  • Microsoft Kill Off Windows Phone

    Article from Forbes Magazine

    Windows Phone sales have dropped by over 57%, article here.