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Vesuvius vesuvius Count Orlock
  • VB may finally become usable language

    , Bass wrote


    I'm sure it will change as data science becomes corporatized and segmented like the computer industry writ large. But it's a breath of fresh air right now.

    I'm not so sure. Unless you use Azure which a lot of business don't, then Hive, Pig and Hadoop are going to be very time consuming to implement. Microsoft used to inject all their time and effort into enabling us the customer to innovate, that simply isn't the case anymore.

    A few years ago, not working at one of the big three technology giants meant you could still build cutting edge technology e.g. TapeStation 2200.

    I built this, and am incredibly proud as it is used in all the best research institutions world wide and will affect medicine for the next decade. The market is lumping big data along with SQL developer roles and paying the same.

    I think there are two tiers of developer emerging now, those that work at the big three and the rest of the world that are effectively the second tier of developer, and the more these technology companies grow, the bigger this divide is, granted there are companies like Mercedes and BMW that do value data science and AI, the market is just too clever and realises the level of human intelligence required to write these systems but dumbs it down, and gets you to write systems that will make them millions for next to nothing.

    I see data science being marginalised like SQL development, with below average salaries, so even though it will be technically interesting, you will still get paid less than a bricklayer.


  • VB may finally become usable language

    , Bass wrote

    I'd argue that languages like Python have gotten so popular is because they are so simple. Literally anyone here can learn all there is to know about Python in a language level in maybe 30 minutes. It's really that trivially designed.

    I have a Python book on my bookshelf behind me that is 1000 pages long 

    That's why Python or even R [it's technically a Microsoft language now!] so hugely popular with NON-programmers, like scientists and statisticians who just want to get their real work done. What I'm saying is sometimes less is more.

    I have seen Python used by scientists in lifesciences and usually it is to parse thousands of research text files generated by various third party equipment, it is easy to use but none of the applications I have written in the last decade could have been written in Python alone

    I haven't done pro .NET work for awhile but if I had to I wouldn't even know where to start anymore. Should I use C#? F#? What of the multiple huge GUI libraries should I use? Is WCF still used and why does it have so many random extensions?

    WCF is pretty much done and has been for the last 5 years with a minute amount of changes. WCF is very difficult because it is a black box so restful technologies like oData and WebAPI have been developed to allow the average developer to use web services. A lot of Azure is build around WCF and the Sync Framework.

    Then I have to learn how to use this whole huge IDE that changes every year. There is so much to learn you pretty much have to be a ".NET Developer". I can't just stay a "Computer Scientist".

    Get a Job in a research department at a University and use Matlab. The commercial world is about building Platforms as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). File - New Project in Visual Studio usually abstracts away all the unnecessary libraries.

    I am considering a change of career as .NET development is no longer about computer science, if you don't work at Apple, Google, or Microsoft the pay is very poor when you consider the years of knowledge and coding practice it takes to build multi-million pound software products. A lot of businesses are paying and treating developers very poorly when they are the ones developing the systems that are generating all the revenue.

  • How BIG is big data?

    , Spectate​Swamp1 wrote

    The so called "Big Data" isn't that BIG for today's computers. I have more personal data than "ALL the ETLs combined"!!! 

    So does the internet, the challenge is making sense of the data.

    Your world leading SpectateSwamp search algorithm will have to incorporate aspects of artificial intelligence like data mining, natural language processing, computer vision, artificial neural networks and a whole host of other computer science challenges.

  • CERN researchers confirm existence of the Force

    Full story available here

  • A decent, incremental online backup system

    I built an incremental backup system a few years back, halfway through the project, iCloud came out, and towards the end Skydrive was available, so we could never compete.

    OneDrive, DropBox and iCloud are all synchronisation technologies, in fact iCloud uses Novell's iFolder which we also used running on Linux.

    OneDrive and synchronisation work well with PC, Tablet and Phone as they all have an identical way of working, introducing the Windows file system means a clunky UI if you are trying to access nested folders on a phone or tablet where most vendors are trying to move away from the notion of nested folders..

    The problem with Bas's solution is that Robocopy (A newer version of XCopy) does not backup open files (something Windows is notorious for doing). This is what I  found to be the biggest problem with the backup system I worked on having to build in retry capability and a dashboard that showed users that only 967 out of the 1000 files they copied were not locked, the only way to have a true backup is using Volume Shadow Copy (VSS).

    We had customers trying to backup Sage Accounting databases on c:\ or backing up Windows Live email in their AppData folder, and backing up a whole host of unsupported locations on their PC.

    If you are not using VSS then you don't have a proper backup, so you can never offer assurance to your customers that their data is intact and complete.

  • SSIS 2012 Labs

    Patient: I'm ill

    Doctor: With what?

    Patient: My body

    Doctor: Which part and what are the symptoms?

    What version of Windows are you using, what versions of .NET and SQL have you installed, and are there any error messages from the Microsoft Dependency Checker? Is your computer x86?


  • Dart bites the dust


    , fanbaby wrote 

    "Always bet on JS" - Brenden Eich 

    Most of the development I see in JavaScript is in implementing all the beneficial features strongly typed languages like C# or Java have. In some ways dynamically typed languages that have duck typing like JavaScript can only be really useful in large applications if they exhibit the behaviour of statically typed languages.

    You can always bet on a large JavaScript application inducing early hair loss, and being very expensive to update and maintain.

  • Dart bites the dust

    @fanbaby: Lars Bak was warned by Anders


    This is one of the comments;

    They both have equally valid technologies, simply born of different ideologies. But Anders is so cordial and polite compared to Lars' hostile and sardonic that I'm more inclined to  opt for typescript!

  • Windows 10 stinks!

    , TheTraveler wrote

    @vesuvius: All what you said has nothing to do with the topic we are discussing in this thread. I think this topic, and the message, everybody that has replied to this thread, are trying to send to Microsoft, is too important to be turned into some irrelevant personal bashing.

    I think the views presented by all so far has been constructive, but this being a public discussion forum, of course the views are not objective. It is a discussion forum after all. Please don't pollute this discussion by changing the subject. Please. 

    What I have written has everything to do with the post. Windows 8 is all about focussing on Windows Store apps, so the GUI promotes Metro applications over websites. A lot of people are continuing to build websites so the changes in Windows 10 will be to accommodate desktop and browser applications better as well as promoting Windows store applications.

    I have seen members of my family buy Windows 8 (while full of fear that they could not use it), and they use it fine (including someone partially blind) so Windows 10 will succeed, and the enterprise is begging for the story Windows 10 has on offer.

    wastingtimewithforums bashed Windows Vista, then bashed Windows 7, then bashed Windows 8 and is now bashing Windows 10, notwithstanding that you agree with him on some features that need to be changed.

    The way I have seen Windows develop is that Microsoft spends years planning each release, so changing development priorities or functionality this late in the day is unlikely. I think your concerns will be looked at in the updates for Windows 10, much like Windows 8.1 has changed significantly from Windows 8.

  • Windows 10 stinks!

    @BitFlipper: Windows 8 was designed when Microsoft and the World were in a blind panic about tablets taking over the world so they made decisions based on that.

    The truth is that the world has chosen HTML as the cheapest and easiest technology to build applications, pretty much every Technology Director I know defaults to HTML as opposed to ever considering native applications, as board room meetings are always about being cost effective, especially in the enterprise. It does not matter how bad an HTML application is, if you are paying someone to use it, they will use it, and oftentimes never complain.

    wastingtimewithforums raison d'etre is perennially to never ever be constructive or objective, except to say Windows is (add derogatory term), I know personal attacks are not in the spirit of this forum, and beneath someone who has been a member for so long, but wasteofspace is what I see when he posts.

    A recent internet meme reads "Stay away from negative people. They have a problem for every solution"