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  • Michael Tsang - The command line guy

    DOS days?? What do you mean by DOS Days?? Haven't the MS O/Ss been always a shell on top of DOS 6.2 ???!!! (just kidding <g>)
    Well, I guess for most of us who have been tapping away at these keys for well over a decade, the command line interface is still the fastest and sometimes even more powerful way of getting things done, not to mention getting admiring looks from the female of the species Wink
    As a matter of fact, I miss the Recorder from Win3.X which could record my strokes and play them back. Instead now I use a combination of the fairly powerful BAT/CMD and VBS combo to accomplish tasks. Its fast and easy to use the WMI, ADSI and other like interfaces to manage one's administration tasks. Till Win2K3 pstools from used to occupy a place of pride, but with the availability of shutdown command in the command shell, some of the glory has waned. But, the pstools set still rocks! Or for that matter sdelete and contig from the same site are life savers!
    I recollect some (faux?) news article about a plan to bring out a commmand line only version of Win2K3. Well, I definitely would want to give it a try Wink

    Finally my favorite features in CMD

    Why I like CMD:
    1. The F7 and F9 keys
    2. Ctrl+D and Ctrl+F shortcuts for file and directory completion
    4. NET * commands (way too cool!) (I didn't know the send option, once a friend showed me that, then on it was no stopping me, till the n/w admin sent a mail admonishing sending net sends to the entire domain Wink (couldn't comprehend what that option did)
    5. FOR %J in (*.DLL) DO REGSVR32 /s %J (Superfast way to register a set of DLLs in a folder! Beats Installshield hands down)
    6. ipconfig /release (/renew etc.) (faster than clicking the icon on the Systray)
    7. fsutil, WMIC, ftp and telnet (ooooooh!! POWERFUL!)
    8. ping and tracert (How would one accomplish this via the GUI ?)
    10. shutdown, and the set of cmd line tools from