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  • Eric Richards and Team - First look at InfoPath 12


    That's great Infopath has very good evolve! I'm very happy of that and very exciting about test it!

    But I have one question:
    Has infopath now a good tool for make the multilingual form?

    I explain me: I know that infopath can change his settings but my form settings doesn't change!
    For example I have a reapeating section with the label :
    Click here to insert!
    Good but if a french people open the form there are always:
    Click here to insert!
    Is not in french and it's the same probleme for the right click on the reapeating section you can define only one text! 

    Can you say me if Microsoft developper has make somethings for improve this (like a rules or somethings else)? 

    I very embarassed because my form must work with 4 languages!

    Thanks for your feedbacks