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  • Building Modern, HTML5-Based Business Applications on Windows Azure and Office 365 with Visual Studio LightSwitch

    I had to miss this session live because this channel9.msdn.com website is apparently a piece of sh!t that will not display pages attempting to force me into creating a Profile ID when I was already logged in. Your developer Howdy F*cking Doody would not even allow me to --read-- any pages and has busted me out of the live broadcast entirely.

    Furthermore, authentication is not even using the email address + login I actually logged in with but a different @live.com email address which suffice it to say was also exposed in the page as:


    WTF is that? Howdy F*cking Doody that's what.

    Oh yea, I had to load channel9.msdn.com using Chrome because IE9 is FUBAR too.

    Thanks for making my day by preparing and testing diligently for the most important developer event to be held in years.

  • Windows 8 Developer Opportunity

    There is no future for Windows 8 developers on connected TV platforms.
    AFIK Microsoft refuses or has failed to license WinRT to any TV manufacturer.