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  • Sumit Chauhan: Developing Microsoft Access, Running a Dev Team

    Dear Charles,

    thanks a lot for giving Microsoft Access a face, because Microsoft Access doesn't play a big role here at C9.

    I'm writing Access apps since Access 2.0 and I can say that MS Access is a real professional and matured tool. In my humble opinion Access 97 was the breakthrough in productivtiy and customer satisfaction.

    In many german company departments reside tons and tons of Access and VBA solutions to automate the internal business processes.

    Since a few years I'm trying to add .NET capabilities to my daily work by request of my customers, but in spite of .NET 2.0, the productivity does not match the Access ones for creating small and mid-size business apps for departments and small businesses. The integrated performance concept of table-query-report isn't reached yet by other tools. (The very only hint for improvement I have is to export all reporting elements like images and graphic objects to word too, not only text by word export assistant)

    Thanks a lot to the MS Access Team for this great job over the years, because MS Access is also known as a value-added-engine with a small footprint of time and learning curve Wink