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  • Azure Redis Cache 103 - Failover and Monitoring

    Missing episodes ???

    Looks like there is a disconnect between closing statements of prior episodes (101, 102) and mentioning of some topics already covered on episode 103.

    Are there additional related videos published with different title?


  • HTML5 & CSS3 latest features in action!


    Few sessions (including this) crashes after 5 seconds when viewed from Surface tablet. Issue is very consistent.

    Some users have indicated no issues viewing from Windows 8 on Intel. As such, I suppose this is not about IE10. Issue could be specific to Win8 on ARMS. I switched to W7 and it is fine. Unfortunate I can't put the Surface RT to "immersive" use Sad

    - Venky a.k.a vplusplus

  • Developing Continuous Services : Real world experiences of the Team Foundation Service engineering team

    Very good session. Good to see patterns of agile development related issues and how the team evolved addressing these challenges. Valuable for Scrum Masters or Product Managers practicing agile at large scale.

    Was expecting to learn a lot at "technical level" and "implementation details" how TFS team enabled multi-tenancy moving from packaged product to online service. Was disappointed given my going-in expectation based on session title.

    As always, it is a very broad audience out there. For future audience, if you do not read too much into the session title, you won't regret the session.