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  • Windows Phone Application Life Cycle

    I'll say that the accents are difficult but not unmanageable. Jaime's was the best but that really says nothing. As all three present more in english, obviously not their native language, they'll become better at it. Please don't take this as a negative comment in any way because I grasped everything mentioned. To drive the point home I was engaging my web OCD, i.e. browsing other sites with the audio in the background. If I couldn't understand a word I wouldn't have been able to do that.


    With respect to getting a "presenter" versus a "guru" it doesn't always make sense. Here you had a perfect question and answer session that a presenter would either have to script or simply could not have if he didn't know the material well enough.


    I'd love to see the slides or links to them in the future if they are part of the developer site. I hate PowerPoint for just a slide but with video/audio you can get certain nuggets the slides won't really go into like the question/answer sessions in this talk. The slides will invoke my memory of the conversation versus the other way around but I realize slides aren't always possible either.

  • Kevin Schofield - Tour of Microsoft Research's Next Media group

    I am we tah dead. The concept videos could have been ran through a VPC session on XP.

    Looking closely it almost appears as so, but I can't get a clear view at the taskbar or the title to see if it is in fact ran in a VPC session. (Nor have I ran VPC to know what it looks like)

    Just because it "feels" Avalon doesn't mean it is and something could easily do this now using DirectX. I couldn't see how someone or a team of people could crank out something this good so close to Longhorn's initial alpha release. I guess it is possible it's just highly unlikely.

    If it is done in Avalon it still shouldn't discourage anyone from producing their own version if they so choose. This can be done now without the need to wait until Longhorn or possibly after or possibly never, whichever comes first.
  • Kevin Schofield - Tour of Microsoft Research's Next Media group

    You don't HAVE to wait for anything.

    Look at the videos closely. The theme on both of them is the default XP theme with the green start bar. All of the default themes in Longhorn (unless some really early version I've never used) have a completely different look than the default for XP. So the evidence suggests that this was ran on XP meaning the application can be ran on my system.

    I have no proof of what language it was in though C# makes a lot of sense. DirectX was definitely used which is apparent by the visual effects. Avalon has this power but evidence doesn't suggest this was done in Longhorn though the technology really does "fit" in the Longhorn space.

    Where am I going with this? You have videos you have concepts and even though you don't have exact algorithms you have the basics of the application. What is stopping Joe Schmo Hobbyist from creating their own version of this application NOW? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Well, there's the whole time = energy = money and Microsoft Research has a lot more than Joe Schmo Hobbyist will ever have.

    The things I consider basic and a necessity are as follows:
    1) Categorization. This is a no-brainer and isn't present in XP to my knowledge in My Pictures
    2) The use of Bins.
    3) Mouse-over zoom. Unless you can specify the thumbnail size this is a necessity
    4) 3D View. It's very cool and though it's incredibly hard for my mind it's not incredibly impossible in today's technology.

    I would only add the ability for the app to upscale the thumbnail size as less images are displayed. It did this somewhat and I think there is a threshold but the ability to change it and have bigger images would be ideal. People don't always have 20/20 vision.

    I know I may get some flack for posting this and that's perfectly acceptable. I just don't believe technology this helpful should be slated for a "sometime later, if later" release. I don't like reinventing the wheel at all but I would support an interim product that had limited capability I've described. Necessity is trumping my patience on this one and it may get me started on a simplistic version. This is also the type of programming challenge I've been looking for. It's extremely hard on the surface yet because it's so cool it would actually be fun to spend countless hours on.

    I can see my About box now: "Concepts: Microsoft Research Next Media (link to homepage).
    Implementation: Me. If you like this product, please support the Microsoft Research team by obtaining their version.
    Microsoft: Please don't hurt me. By releasing this now, people are drooling over your version which will be better than mine could ever be. I just couldn't wait any longer, so please don't hold it against me"