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  • Eric Richards and Team - First look at InfoPath 12

    scobleizer wrote:
    wacko wrote:great stuff, but I never understood why people where so big on InfoPath when you can do the samething in Adobe Acrobat for years

    I was a top Adobe Acrobat tester, but I disagree that you could do the same stuff. Acrobat was designed as a print-interchange format, not as an XML forms engine. Yeah, one of those was bolted on later, but the two are not the same.

    And, look at the demo. InfoPath forms now work in Firefox without an add-on. Acrobat can't do that.

    Was a former Adobe Support tech for Acrobat Versions 5,6 and 7 Smiley and I disagree with you.  Acrobat has had a built in XML Engine since Version 6 and even better support in version 7. I can do anything in acrobat you can do in infopath and if i wanted, Acrobat can output forms into a HTML files and not need reader to read its form content. Acrobat works in Firefox as well as IE displaying a PDF files using an Add-on which BTW IE does not have native PDF rendering so saying well Infopath does not have to use an addon is a cop out.

    On top of that Acrobat can export its forms to HTML. In this video I did not see them say that what was displayed in the browser was indeed a native InfoPath Document, what it stated was that the content could be displayed in a browser.

    I think you mislead people because before they even start talking about it they mention one major piece, something needs to be installed on the SERVER(Eric nodes his head yes when asked) which I don't need, to submit Acrobat Form. I have been able to export to HTML and have all my javascriprt for my PDF forms etc.. converted just as Infopath 12 does since version 5 of acrobat(Which came out in 6 years ago ).  I can  connect to XML datasources, ODBC datasources, SQL datasources etc... I mean this idea of XML lacking in acrobat is just incorrect maybe the reason you do not see it is because you just see Acrobat as something to read your PDF files in, well if you looked under the surface you would see why groups like the Office 12 team etc want to have native support in there applications becausw when you combine Acrobat and PDF you get a very powerful platform that is cross OS, cross browser, and can do just about anything which aside from the cross browser is something the InfoPath team cannot claim.

    Sure one of Acrobats functions is print but its been able to since version 3 to create forms and is used everywhere as a form based solution. In version 7  which was a total rewrite of the application  added native XML support and was your correct bolted on in version 6, but what you claim to be so great about infopath is nothing new to those who know how to use Acrobat.
  • Eric Richards and Team - First look at InfoPath 12

    great stuff, but I never understood why people where so big on InfoPath when you can do the samething in Adobe Acrobat for years
  • Lisa Feigenbaum - Code Snippets in Visual Studio

    Ken much better video good stuff here, I like how your videos are longer and really get into the meat of the topic. I also like how you always have that flat panel monitor right there so its easy for us to see. Much better, I liked how you aksed more questions Smiley
  • Paul Vick and Amanda Silver - VB Language Futures

    That looks like the new Anonymous Type Syntax which is something new in both c# and vb.net in there next versions

    Public Class Customers
        Private _name As String
        Private _address As String
        Public Property Name()
                Return _name
            End Get
            Set(ByVal value)
                _name = value
            End Set
        End Property
        Public Property Address()
                Return _address
            End Get
            Set(ByVal value)
                _address = value
            End Set
        End Property
    End Class
    Public Class Form1
        Dim C As New Customers
        Public Sub Frank()
            C.Name = "Frank"
            C.Address = "Address"
            'Then do what ever you need to do'
            'Notice we had to create a Class'
        End Sub
        'New Syntax allows for the following'
        Public Sub Anon()
            Dim a As Animal = {Name := "Animal",Location := "Africa"}
            a.Name = "Lion"
            a.Location = "Asia"
            'This is like is we had created an Animal Class and newed up a new Animal'
            'Both Subs are doing the same thing'
        End Sub
    End Class

    I hope this make some sence Smiley I have not gotten a chance to mess with it since I do not have the RC bits of VS 2k5 but from what I have read and how it works in c# and from what i gather from the two VB.net videos this is how it would look under old and new.

  • Paul Vick and Amanda Silver - VB Language Futures

    great job ken one thing I would do is ask more questions... we know your a smart guy, but sometimes you say something and its like "What is he talking about?" I think if maybe you phrased those into questions and allowed the person being interviewed to answer them it would make your points a lot stronger... Other then that great job.

    As far as the people who they where interviewing where boring ? Where does that come off? I mean Amanda Silver was not boring, I did not think paul was that boring either I think they where just very into there demo's which is nice sometimes to see people really get into the stuff they are working on. anyways great job guys
  • Paul Vick and Amanda Silver - VB Language Futures

    Edited my post... is that Ken Levy doing the interview ?

    great Videos, VB.net is looking great, Amanda ROCKS as normal… always like watching her demos, Linq ROCKS. I like it better on VB.net then C# and I think some of the stuff they are doing is just awesome. I hope the C# team hops on some of that dynamic stuff Smiley
  • Jason Shellen - Scoble visits Google? Blogger for Microsoft Word

    to be honest I am suprised this has not been done already. I mean it only seemed logical that word have someway to interact with a blog.
  • Introduction to XAML

    I do not recall avalon Express applications needing IE 7 or Vista for that matter. If you had VS 2k5 and beta 1 you can make express applications as far as I know.
  • Channel 9 Team - Welcome to our new design

    Another Martin wrote:

    I do, the man is right. There is little more annoying than things that are bad for no good reason. If the pages are not compliant its a good thing that at least someone is paying attention and points it out. It is bad advertising if anything, to put up a "new and improved" site targerted at a technical audience, that does not comply to the basic standards.

    As for functionality, I do not notice that big a difference. Let's call it "a promising start" and hope that Mr. Kinney will do a better job than he did at Xamlon which was one of the most disappointing and annoying pieces of software I ever tried.

    They are going to prove everyone wrong you see, in a week this site will be fully XHTML compliant and even the most suspicious developers will love it. As a developer's forum, it is going to be exemplary. Right?

    You know what gets me is this idea that everyone is perfect... I mean I do not recall Adam saying at any time that this site was going to be 100% compliant. The thing that gets even more, about those who wish to hate is that they expect everything to be perfect.

    On top of that, the level expectation you create in my opinion is just out of reach, these people are expected in a logical amount of time to re-design a website that has thousands of users every day coming in and out while continuing to maintain what is already there. The reality is that issues will arise and things will fall through the cracks to meet the deadlines of the users. I mean we see it, beyond the scope a compliant website, yet the first thing people such as yourself complain about is the lack of that feature or that compliance and totally forget that the reason the product exsist or the site is even done at all, is for users like you and me.

    So sure things will slip through the cracks and sure things will go on the chopping block for the next version but, I think you must admire the fact that atleast they listen and are willing to admit fault even though complainers such as yourself have nothing better to do then look at the faults of something that truely is good.
  • Channel 9 Team - Welcome to our new design

    awww yes, the anti-microsoft type, we love your kind here. We are glad that you have taken time out of your busy day to admire the works that good people have put a lot of time into. They still got you to sign up, so can you dislike them that much Big Smile:D:D:D:D:D:D

    I mean honest to god who the heck cares... The channel 9 redesign kicks A$$ and I hope the good work keeps on coming, great work guys.
  • The Return of Edit and Continue

    I was thinking the samething... I was confused Big Smile
  • Sanaz Ahari and Steve Rider - Start.com

    bright and early Tongue Out Intresting stuff
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