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wacko wacko
  • Why does this JOIN take so long?

    Is this MSSQL ? or someother SQL Engine ? I am just curious as to which engine you are using. 

  • Issue when binding WinForm constrols to Generics

    dami said:
    wacko said:
    You mean I should override the propertys on the concrete interface?

    But the MyConcreteClass inherits the name property from MyBaseClass, the same way as IMyConcreteClass does from IMyBaseClass... does interface inheritance work like this or i'm wrong? :-/

    thanks for your reply!
    The issue is your List cannot take something of two types, and with the way you have this setup, Your list is only dealing with one or the other type. So in your case you pass in IMyConcreteClass to your list well IMyConcreteClass does not have an impl of Name so when you pass those objects around its not going to display the name... if you passed in MyBaseClass to the list you will just get the name and not the description why because MyBaseClass does not provide an impl for description it knows nothing about it. So when you pass in MyConcreteClass and it works its because it provides an impl for both name and description.

    This is really a flaw in your design, I do not see a reason why you have all these interfaces and abstract classes. I think that MyConcreteClass should just impl both interfaces and you would be find and then just pass MyConcreteClass as the list type. Or have the Abstract class impl both interfaces and then have MyConcreteClass inherit from that and then pass in MyBaseClass to the list.

  • Issue when binding WinForm constrols to Generics

    dami said:
    Here is the code. [DOWNLOAD]

    Actually it works perfect if I replece the List<IMyConcreteClass> with a List<MyConcreteClass> Perplexed
    The issue here is caused by the fact that the item your putting into the List does not have a get or set for name your IMyBaseClass does, so this does not work out well.  How you got it to work correctly was because you passed in an item that had both a get and set for both string items.

  • Scoble, Please Read This

    You know I have not posted in awhile and reading this thread has made me a sad panda. The topic is rather bothersome to be honest. Now I will say I came about channel9 via the powers of google and linking. I of course have blogged about many of the things that have gone on here, and in some instances even made an effort to participate in the community and in general find it an interesting place to hang. I still read the forums everyday and have long since stopped watching the video’s as I do think the quality of the films has gone down considerably and I have mentioned this in other threads.  But on the topics of Scoble’s comments and Charles “What in the hell” moment; I find is sad that Robert has gone about his typical me me me way. He only seems to care about stuff when it’s all about him, I do not ever see “us” comments. He comes back with well it was only important when I said something, when I read his comments this seemed like the feeling they possessed.

    This is not uncommon and this is why I do not read his blog but Charles I have to ask, what is the point? You make this sound desperate and your argument sounds like something for the sake of having something to say. The argument does not even sound coherent just a bunch of rambling about how Channel 9 is not marketing, which in my opinion is total bs as an idea it’s pure marketing from the start, you do not have be pushing a physical item in order to be marketing something.  The pure idea of the site is the marketing of the information you provide in your videos and you know that. So that argument is just a lame one and furthermore why does it matter what Robert says? I mean come one when people were making comments like Channel 9 will never make it; I did not see you come out and say anything then, why now? Just because Scoble once wore a channel 9 bandanna? When people called you guys out on why your videos where lacking in content that was truly developer oriented you said nothing then.  Now I have a great respect for you Charles and for the most part enjoy the things you say and the videos you have done but Step down from the podium and go back to your desk and actually do something; come back and fight for something that matters.

    In the words of F. Scott Fitzgerald,

    “The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function”

  • Why do our community projects ​fall-​through?

    jamie wrote:

    re: wacko:  

    true... but dont forget we are in a lull...
    vista, office, ie etc all released.

    if we new - OR WERE ASKED - to participate in the design of new version - posting/interest would go up

    all we can do now - is wait - till the alpha or beta of vienna comes or ie8 - then we can make noise like before and be ignored like before - only in greater numbers 

    re min: yes it does need changes

    I disagree and here is why… For the longest time we saw a huge amount of videos talking about all these new technologies that Microsoft was working and we saw demo’s of the early stuff and some of the mid-road stuff and now its all done. And this mentality is well now that its done we do not need to talk about it anymore. I mean we spent two years looking at all this cool stuff and now that its done there should be no reason why they can’t show us more. I mean a demo video does not need to show me something cutting edge, it needs to show me something cool, show me something that someone is working on. We hear about all these projects that MS works on internally and we never see anything about them until they are almost done… Show us some of those, we have a new .net version in the wings 3.5 show us some of that. I mean there is a lot of stuff out there that people want to see and now we do not see it anymore.

    On top of that what’s wrong with going back and revisiting old topics; a great example was WCF and WPF we saw all this new stuff and now a lot of it has changed since we last saw it and we get nothing on that. I mean we have seen a couple videos on c++ as of late and why not go back and show some tips and tricks and some cool stuff that you can do with what you guys have been working on now for years. Channel 9’s target is developers and revisiting some of these old ideas is not something we look down upon. To learn from the pro’s is a great thing and I think we need to see more videos about this sorta stuff. I think the ideas minh has mentioned are also good ones I think we should be able to show movies off on our blogs… I think we should be able to make clips and link those over to our sites in an embedded player.  I never saw C9 as a place that was only about cutting edge stuff, I saw it as a place where dev’s such as ourselves could see inside the machine and have some sort of communication with MS.

  • Why do our community projects ​fall-​through?

    I think that the lack of projects is directly related to the way channel 9 has been going in the last 4 or 5 months. I use to check the site almost daily and nowadays I find myself checking it a lot less frequently as there is just nothing to see.  I mean sure sometimes we see a new video and some new screencasts but for the most part the movies are all talk and NO DEMO’s not to dog on Charles and Rory and all the people who work on channel 9 but the quality as of late has been dropping fast. So what I think happens is that less and less people tend to show up and a community will not do well in a community project if there is no community to work on it. I see a lot less Tech questions in the Techoff forums and I see less interesting stuff in The Coffeehouse forums and I find that what does end up there is just sub-par to what has been there in the past. I mean you could post something in the Techoff forums and by the end of the day it would be on page 2 or 3. Nowadays it would seem that in many cases it takes 2 or 3 days before that happens. I think the reason the community projects fail is because the community in channel 9 is moving onto other things.

    I would love to see something come out of the talent that we posses on this site but I do not see it happening until the powers to be do something to invoke the community to get involved again and I think that invocation will be in the form of better quality videos and better site interaction. I am sorry to say this but atleast when Scobble’s was making videos they had a bang to them and some of the best videos I have seen come from Charles and his constant detailed questioning and as of late these things have fallen to the wayside and thus I think there has been a lost interest in C9.

  • This code smells

    The issue I see with this block of code is that it does not protect itself from itself… Whenever you get into the realm of locking resources when dealing with threads it is wise to verify that u can indeed lock the resource.. Example let say somehow you got this code to execute twice, how does it know that you have already locked or unlock the resource? Well the answer based on this code is it does not, it has no clue as to whether user is currently being used on another thread or not, which will cause some nasty error that will make you smash ahead against the wall. So what’s the answer to this issue? Well once again .net has done the work for you, in what they call an Interlocked, the easy way of looking at this is it compares values and depending on the returned value will indicate whether there is a lock currently on the method or not.  So how would this work into your example is as following:

    private static int currentlyinuse = 0;

    private void cacheUser(User user)
       if (0 == Interlocked.Exchange(ref currentlyinuse, 1))
            if (!_users.TryGetValue(user.Email, out user))
                _users.Add(user.Email, user);
              Interlocked.Exchange(ref currentlyinuse, 0);

  • Upgrading to Ubuntu 6.10

    I upgraded my work laptop to 6.10 yesterday and I will say what a chore... everything was good until it somehow uninstalled xserv and pwned my video. Since ATI has some lame drivers and when i finally figured out that it had uninstalled xserv... then everything else was good to go.

  • Run SqlScript from ado

    well you could still do that and just remove the go statements... with something like

    string sql = file.readtoend()

    Regex regex = new Regex("^GO",Regex.IgnoreCase | Regex.Multiline)
    string[] lines = regex.split(sql)

    and then foreach the lines and then execute each line. if it has a value

  • Launching Window from XBAP

    long time since I have posted here but seeing that Jamie movie just inspired me to do so.

    I have to ask why you would want to launch a window from XBAP ? why not just launch a normal window from HTML and the host the XBAP content within that window.  From what I saw in the video it did not look like XBAP was ment to build applications in the sence that we see web applications. To me it seemed more like a competitor to something like Flash and is more in the order of presentation. While you could build a full on application I am sure, just as you could with Flash;I think its main idea would be to stay self contained, atleast thats what I got from the video. someone can correct me if I am wrong.

    You would just host the content within the XBAP; now one could I am sure see something like pop-up menus etc.. and maybe that would be self containted inside the XBAP iframe but I did not see anything that said it would load up a window or anything from the outside. just as flash does really.