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  • Ori Amiga: Mesh Mobile

    I want a MeshMobile!  And when can we get that on a phone?

    Cool stuff! 
  • The Future of C#

    To download the video:

    1. Hover the pointer over "Downloads" (in the bar below the description and the "Resources" link)

    2. You will see the video link appear below "Downloads"

    3. Right click on the video link and choose "Save Target As..." to download the video.

    Notice that the Resources includes the link to the PowerPoint slides.

  • Hansel​Minutes on 9 - #1 -


    Please accept my apology for posting before seeing the video.  I got the idea that Scott was a "silent partner" (so to speak) from the text.  My bad...

    Also, every other "brand" I could think of, including name mashups, just didn't float.  So I violated the principle "if you can't think of something better, just shut up."  I guess I'd better hurry up and sign off!

  • Hansel​Minutes on 9 - #1 -

    This is a great idea, and I look forward to more stuff along this line.

    One suggestion: Call it RoryMinutes or whatever, just modify that branding!  Scott's podcasts are highly individual and so are yours.  And I think the objectives are different as well...

    Thanks for the great work.
  • Concurrency and Coordination Runtime


    Thanks!  Great link to Osterman's stuff!

  • Concurrency and Coordination Runtime

    Hi Charles,

    I have an immediate need for more threading info and a future need for this concurrancy and coordination runtime.

    In the near term, I'd like to be better at threading with common related ASP.NET patterns or functions.  Such as: file access and update coordination, access and update of memory-cached single database objects, scheduled process coordination, and so on.  I'm expecting to discover more uses with better skills in this area, especially for the AJAX type processing or other things I haven't encountered yet as a deliverable.

    In the future, I'd like to revisit some past ideas on physical system simulation that permit calculations without the level of explicit synchronization that has been required in the past.  The CCR seems to be a great fit for that.  If this can lead to easier deployment to calculation on arbitrary processor/network configuration, that would be great.  In fact, there are some natural network problems that would really benefit (think simulation of electrical distribution networks.  Or flooding analysis on major rivers.).  So simulate a network on a network (a statement only a geek would appreciate!).

    Any pointers on either topic would be appreciated.  You can email me direct at Walt AT NOSPAM Lounsbery.com.  Thanks!
  • Concurrency and Coordination Runtime

    A really great video about some fantastic technology!

    Like everyone else, I am itching to get my hands on the library and try out some stuff.  It looks like it will solve some very specific problems for me.

    On a related topic, this prompted me to check out the latest C# threading books to see if there's anything good out there.  Scoping Amazon and B&N only provided the "C# Threading Handbook" by Tobin Titus, et al.  Might have the content, but doesn't get a good rating (plus it is about $80 on Amazon for a 300 page book).  Anyone got a better suggestion for sources on doing it "old style"?
  • Robert Rebholz (and team) - The Working Network

    Another great video!

    I had heard about The Working Network via Scott Watermysysk.  However, the website right now doesnt' get the points across as well as Robert's interview.  This helps me understand that I need to keep a close eye on happenings at The Working Network.

    The Community Bar is fantastic!  It will be a great addition for Web browsing, tagging, and communication.  I can't wait to use it.

    Perhaps plans are already underway to hook this up with other new things like Live.  That will be fun!

    Great job on The Working Network!
  • Channel 9 Team - Welcome to our new design

    Dang!  I was just figuring out how to get around the "old" site!

    You're in a maze of twisty tunnels...

    Seriously, great job!

    Neat new C9 guy smileys...Expressionless
  • Steve Ballmer - Quick chat with Microsoft's CEO

    Thanks for another great interview!

    The best part about the Channel 9 executive interviews is their unscripted nature.  Otherwise we are seeing the professional press or well-rehearsed demo keynotes.  So this really gives us a more personal view of the folks at the top of Microsoft.

    I'd like to see more focus on what drives Microsoft executives.  What about their business innovations?  We know about product plans thanks to corporate transparency, but a lot less about those people and how they like to run the firm.

    For example, the press are talking about the excruciating Microsoft interview process of the past and how that might change.  What would Steve like to do with that situation?

    Steve touched on a vision of Microsoft success for the next ten years.  What does he think is important for that success, business-wise?  How does the partner program expansion mesh with the traditional developer support? And so on.

    Channel 9 just keeps getting better and better.

    P.S. Reading the comments has shown me the error of my ways.  Someone else is wearing the Tuxedo!  Damn, now I have to upload another avatar!
  • Jeff Sandquist in the Buzzcast hot seat!

    Nice audiocast.

    I suggest turning down the volume on the background music next time.  It was contending with the conversation a bit too much (foreground music?).

  • Longhorn (heart) RSS

    I missed the first post by this much >> <<<!

    I gotta say, great application Walter! 

    And the whole thing is stupendous and great.  This makes my day.  The team has a tiger by the tail.  The best of luck to y'all in delivering a great set of features for us developers.
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