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    "Max is right about the free thing.  Everything comes with a cost, and giving out your personal info (name, email, company name,etc.) is light $100+ dollars in the "third-party info sharing world""


    What I was trying to point out was suggesting that users privacy is gone when they use Google free services isn't true. And what I've found especially disturbing is that Max mentioned Google explicitly as the only company that makes your privacy gone (which is still untrue), which is a Microsoft competitor. I don't try to state that your personal info has no price. So, no, your comment doesn't make Max right.


    What is interesting that Max, as a Microsoft employee (is he?), doesn't get what can giving away services for free give to Google. It is a matter of emphasing that Google earns anything from knowing your personal info. Which is IMO false. By helping you to live online Google gets far more - it gets your heart. It gets your trust, you eyes and your mind. And it works for them. Google brand is gaining every day. They have trust, they have momentum, they get new users. And all this to sell some ads, that your trust more, because those are from Google.


    And not only that. By saying "Do no evil" Google is saying that they appreciate more then your money. I am not saying Google is a cure to all evil. I am saying they know what to do to gain trust. Which is priceless.


  • Ping 20: Google Chrome, Silverlight 3, MS answers, questionable ad gets pulled

    So is your privacy gone when you log into GMail and data of your e-mails is interpreted by AdSense system? I don't think so. Google has no right to identify you, data is "harvested", but it is all done anonymously. So saying when you go Google way your privacy is gone is stretch or the thing I mentioned in my previous post Smiley.

    It is just the same with any other ad system - when you go to a webpage it can show you ads for your locale.

    Anyway, I know that some may be uncofomortable with ads in GMail being related to the mail, but it's done anonymously so your privacy isn't gone and please don't even suggest that - it is evil to do. 

  • Ping 20: Google Chrome, Silverlight 3, MS answers, questionable ad gets pulled

    Is your statement about there is price to free hold true for Micrsoft or any other company affiliated with it that offers free web services and tools or only those that compete with MS?

    Saying that privacy is gone when user uses Google tools is FUD. They are as much obliged and commited to protect users privacy as any other company.