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Niner since 2009

ISV Account Manager and Azure Solutions Architect

In my 11 years developing them I have had the opportunity to pass through various roles in this process: Developer (desktop, web, backend and low level: creating new programming languages), Auditor, solutions architect, consultant, teacher, Technical Evangelist and Technical pre-selling.

Today this experience allows me to serve as Manager and Product Designer of Apps for the most important brands of the country. In this role I'm responsible for the customer engagement in the app creation, the conceptualization of the same and generation of the architecture with the required technological guidelines; then, assemble and lead work teams: graphic designers and developers, who will build the final product.

Much of my work is based on learning new technologies that then I apply and teach with content I create and publish on my blog (today, the Latin blog of the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) most read in the world). This has allowed me to build capacity in the work teams that help me to generate excellent software products.

Additionally, I have created and am providing several LOB on SaaS solutions for some companies in the private sector.