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warren warren atom heart mother
  • Speccing out a convertible business laptop

    A 15" MacBook Pro weighs 4.5 lbs.  I really don't see how you'd be able to make a device of that size at 2.6 lbs.  Even the lightest of 14" laptops, the new X1 Carbon, is 2.9 lbs before you spec it up.

  • Cultificati​on of Microsoft

    Oh-ho-ho, there's no way this is a new thing.  I saw it all on the comp.os.ms-windows.advocacy Usenet newsgroup back 20 years ago, which, I have to say, was waaaay more entertaining from a trolololol perspective than anything a Channel9 poster could come up with today.  

    People at the time (but not a lot of them) were predicting that OS/2 and Mac OS would die out because of Windows 95 and NT.  This of course was not at all obvious coming into 1995, given how much momentum IBM and Apple had, but it's actually what happened.  Microsoft went on to outsmart OS/2 on the compatibility and user-friendliness front, and they became Apple's sugar daddy in order to keep their Office for Mac business alive and kicking.  They won, just like the zealots predicted.


  • Visual Studio ​Achievement​s; they're not Xbox live right?

    , Dan276 wrote

    I have 2 apps on the windows phone market place and various websites which I won't advertise.  I'm talented enough to do many things.  I was also rated 9.5 on Hot or Not website, so yes people do say I'm too good looking to use visual studio.  But let me assure you that I have Visual Studio 2012 and even develop stuff in (WPF, Silverlight, ASP.NET, Windows phone 8 and Windows 8 apps).  I even had 2 windows phone 7 apps out before the release date so there's some street cred.

    Mm.  So you're a hobbyist software developer, then.  Professional means you do it for a living.  

    But never mind that --- what you're actually doing here is telling a bunch of uninterested men about how attractive you are.... why yes, gentlemen, I can code AND I'm hot.... and while it's perfectly okay to be homosexual, Dan, this really isn't the forum to be "picking up" on.

  • How do you see the whole MSDN content tree these days?

    In the MSDN library, click the gear in the top-right corner, and choose "Classic" library mode.

    Unfortunately this view won't last forever.  It might be a good idea to leave a comment using the Site Feedback feature at the bottom of the MSDN web site with your rationale about why the traditional tree view still has an important place in MSDN navigation. (which I agree with you 100% on)

  • Visual Studio ​Achievement​s; they're not Xbox live right?

    As for myself, I'm working on a movie that I put on kickstarter and I pick up a lot of chicks at clubs showing my gamerscore on my phone.  Right now, I'm getting more cred and respect from my cheevos, but later I will probably make a lot of money from it.

    So you aren't actually a professional software developer, then, are you?


  • Visual Studio ​Achievement​s; they're not Xbox live right?

    It's for fun.

    Don't over-think it.

  • Windows Phone 8 on Win 7

    , BitFlipper wrote


    It is merely MS placing artificial restrictions in hope to force W8 adoption.

    Even if that's the case...... so what?  Windows 8 is significantly better than Windows 7 as an operating system, even if you leave Metro out of the discussion.  Why are you scared of new software all of a sudden?

  • Windows Phone 8 on Win 7

    , magicalclick wrote

    What I don't understand is, Win8 is Win7 plus a fancy environment that cannot run VS. So, I don't see why the crappy OS support.

    Because Windows 8 ships with Hyper-V 3.0, which relies on support in the OS for second-level address translation (SLAT).  Without this, graphical performance inside the virtual machine is really hampered, and virtual machines require significantly more memory to run since they can't cooperate with the host operating system to dynamically allocate and deallocate memory as needed by the VM.

    Keep in mind that a Windows Phone 8 device is going to have something like a dual-core 1.5ghz ARM processor.  That's ARM, not Intel x64 like the host OS.  The virtual machine environment has to be as fast as possible to deliver the kind of perf needed to consistently run at full speed.  This requires cooperation from the host operating system.  Windows 8 was designed for this.  Windows 7 is not.


  • Windows Phone 8 on Win 7

    So it has less to do with the emulator and more to do with MS simply forcing us to use Windows 8.

    They want people to use the emulator because Windows Phone applications are expected to run on devices with multiple resolutions, and you are expected to test all of them.  Your physical device has just one.

    Not having the emulator is going to limit your ability to be successful in developing an app.  Why would Microsoft support this approach?

  • Windows Phone 8 on Win 7

    , Dr Herbie wrote

    Create a Win8 virtual machine and develop on that?  Might be a little painful at times, but I did this to play with Win8 development before Win8 went RTM (might be OK if you have a beefy machine to run the VM on).


    This won't work because the Windows Phone Emulator is itself a Hyper-V virtual machine.



    Cybermagell‚Äčan: Your only option is to have a Windows 8 Pro desktop system.  If your company's IT department refuses to give you such a machine in order to fulfill the company's business requirements of developing a Windows Phone 8 app, then you need to escalate that up the management chain.  IT doesn't get to decide whether you can do your job or not.