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  • Nasty Microsoft

    Man, I truly miss the Gates MS. Back then they were ruthless with the competition, not the users!

    Well, yet another "NuMicrosoft" prediction of mine that was spot-on:



    Once a company releases user-hostile stuff like W8 or the planned original xbone 1984 edition, the forward path is clear and anything goes. Especially with some people even cheering them on at every hostile step. Looks like GWX made the kitchen finally too hot even for the most ardent enablers.

    I am pretty sure that W10 becomes a REAL PITA in the long run (more than now anyways), when W7 and W8 completely exit the market and the users will be alone with Windows 10 and the forced updater in W10.

    They are already nasty even though W10 is quite behind W7 in share and W10 is still a paid-for product in most cases (PC pre-installation), I can only imagine to what lengths the annoyance will go if it reaches 50% marketshare.

  • Hate to be proven right, yet again..

    , cheong wrote

    he has never received the box in the middle of screen forcing his upgrade. Is it "Home version only" or else?

    He will soon get the full barrage, too.


  • Hate to be proven right, yet again..

    Looks like MS might have finally pissed off enough people:



  • Hate to be proven right, yet again..

    , bondsbw wrote

    Like most things, it's hard to say which (NetMarketshare vs. StatCounter) is better, it depends a lot on what you are looking to measure.  

    W10's marketshare is a side-issue.

    The true issue is that MS tries to constantly shove Windows 10 down the throat, even if you said "no". Even if you said "no" multiple times.

    Patch-day became a major PITA, because I have to check every time whether any "GWX" stuff appeared and cancel it manually out if I don't want it.

    I could live with it would be a one-time procedure, but no, KB3035583 appears every two months or so, even if you blocked the previous iteration.

    This is harassment, plain and simple.  I paid for my W7 license, I want to stay on it without fighting Microsoft's updater every month to show me W10 ads or taking 6 gigs away for the W10 installer files without any confirmation.

    And now MS is even sabotaging third-party tools (like GWX Control Panel) which made Microsoft's harassment bearable.

    Incredible that this behavior is legal.

  • Hate to be proven right, yet again..


    NetMarketShare has released its usage share figures for November, and they make for interesting reading. As you would expect, Windows 10 grew its share again, but the growth rate is clearly tailing off, continuing the trend we've seen over the past few months.

    Windows 7 and 8.x users show no great rush to migrate to the new OS, with only Windows XP shedding users.


    XP had 11.68 percent of the market in October, but this dropped by 1.09 percentage points in November, and it now stands on 10.59 percent.

    Windows 7, the undisputed king of operating systems, went from 55.71 percent to 56.11 percent, a gain of 0.4 percentage points. Windows 8 increased share, going from 2.54 percent to 2.88 percent, while Windows 8.1 went from 10.68 percent to 11.15 percent. Combined, Windows 8.x increased its share by 0.81 percentage points and now sits on 14.03 percent.

    In November, Windows 10 took 9 percent of the market, which isn't bad considering the OS has only been out for a matter of months, but there's a clear slowing of growth for Microsoft to be concerned about. In September, the new OS grew by 1.42 percentage points, in October it grew by 1.31 and in November Windows 10 increased its share by 1.06 percentage points.

    At the rate it's going it will be quite some time until it catches up with Windows 7.

    What's so great about this growth? MS shoves it down the throat of almost every Windows user almost by force. Of course it grew faster than W8. But given the hyper-agressive update-policy, the declining growth is nothing to write home about.

    Who would have thought you would need tools like these on Windows:


    That something like this is needed is CRAZY.


    If it would do great, they wouldn't need always more agressive schemes to push it.

  • Hate to be proven right, yet again..

    W10 is so great that MS resorts to:


    Josh Mayfield, the author of GWX Control Panel, discovered users who specified that they did not want Windows 10 (via his program's AllowOSUpgrade switch) have had their preferences reset up to several times a day and the update presented to them again.


    "Over Thanksgiving weekend I started getting reports that the Windows Update 'AllowOSUpgrade' setting was getting flipped back on on a number of peoples' PCs, and it keeps re-setting itself at least once a day if they switch it back off," said Josh Mayfield, the software engineer who created GWX Control Panel. The tool was originally designed to make the "Get Windows 10" (hence GWX) applet go away after Microsoft installed it on consumer and small business Windows 7 and 8.1 PCs starting in March, then activated in June.

    "This is new behavior, and it does leave your PC vulnerable to unwanted Windows 10 upgrade behavior," he said.

    Concurrent with the release of GWX Control Panel 1.6, Mayfield began hearing from users that their PCs were being switched from a "do-not-upgrade-to-Windows-10" status to a "do-upgrade" state, often multiple times daily.

    In an interview Friday, Mayfield said that the Windows 10 upgrade setting switcheroo on Windows 7 and 8.1 PCs was apparently due to continued updates that Microsoft has shoved onto the older devices. The Redmond, Wash. company has repeatedly re-served its original GWX app to PCs, often with undocumented changes, even if the machine already had the app, or even if the user had managed to uninstall it previously.

    Also in play, said Mayfield, were updates to the Windows Update client on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 PCs that Microsoft has also pushed to customers: Windows Update was refreshed last week for both Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.

    There's more to those updates than that, Mayfield argued. "They're telling [the PC's] Windows Update client that this computer can be upgraded to Windows 10," Mayfield said. "[The Windows Update client] is constantly checking settings several times an hour. It's fully aware of the Windows 10 upgrade."

    Truly the sign of a product the company is sure will win the hearts and minds...

    By the way:


  • More "accidental" upgrades in the works

    I find it eerie how especially Microsoft was able to mold the summer of worms (blaster, sasser) and their various security problems to their own advantage.

    "You have to accept every forced major version and every privacy intrusion now, or else we cut you off from the security patches and then THE EVIL HACKERS. THE HACKERS WILL COME"

    So much leverage depends on this fear.

    Who knew that the worm authors, script kiddies and hackers "fighting the system" helped to establish the very system at the end.

  • More "accidental" upgrades in the works

    I'm not sure how you got that number, StatCounter doesn't show Windows 10 that low since August

    I've set it to monthly instead of daily.


    I see no sudden increase.

    I've played with statcounter a bit and the October 10th-20th time frame (when the "accident" was active) seems to have a higher W10-increase than the one ten days later (20th-30th)

    0.55 vs 0.27 percentage difference.

  • New Windows 10 wallpaper released

  • More "accidental" upgrades in the works

    Wasn't the growth considerable slowed down in October:


    If there was an uptick very recently again, it was very likely due the "accidental" forced upgrade two weeks ago. Something they obviously want to repeat.

    According to statcounter W10 is currently at 6.64%.. I am absolutely not impressed, given the fact that users need actually to put actively effort to.. NOT install it and avoid all the nag-screens and notifications.

    Given all the throat-shoving, I expected at the very least 10% by now.