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  • IE 8: On the Path to Web Standards Compliance - ACID 2 Test Pass Complete

    Bas wrote:
    CompGuy101 wrote:
    Didn't Microsoft publicly say that the Acid2 test wasn't one of their primary focuses?
    In fact, Alex is saying the same thing in this video: "Passing the test is not something we build the project around. We build the project around implementing important features in a standards compliant way, and when we do it, the test just happened."

    So as far as I understand it, more standards compliance is a focus for IE8. The test, as is its purpose, just points out that they succeeded at the compliance.

    Nobody will make content until browsers support the features, and browser vendors will not make the features unless they know developers are prepared to use them.

    The Acid2 test is an egg in this "chicken and the egg" scenario.  It gets a lot of play and is touted by MS's competitors as proof that they are looking forward while MS is not.  The downplaying of the importance of this test, while making a video talking specifically around the event of being able to run the test for the first time (in the default font)? ... it seems like there is a lot of kool aid being drunk here.

    But they are caught between a rock and a hard place.  The work of CSS and these sorts of tests obviously owes a tremendous amount to Opera's leadership, followed by Firefox's momentum.  To admit that this test is important would be to conceed that they are playing catch up to the real leaders (who pass the test without showing off 400 pages of dead trees) and that they actually *owe* them for setting their direction.