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hmmm... well I'm an IT technology victim, fallen in love with C# and had to dump BASIC after all those years... sorry BASIC but had to move on!
Love Microsoft but having affair with OSS! - Seem to have got stuck on developing web based CRM/Billing systems... but have lots of strings to lots of bows!... Got yen for working in US, in fact ANYWHERE but UK! ;-)


  • Jeffrey Snover - Monad explained

    can you email me when the demo is posted?... Ive been groaning for years that the cmd (COMMAND!!!) is lame on windows... WSH, BAT files yuck... AND the fact that half the windows binaries dont pipe or redirect properly anyway or have unpredictable results!

    The true geek in me came out watching this vid - so much so that I can see how ive modelled a lot of this in applications to accomodate just what Jef is talking about - process mapping with defined inputs and outputs that can be interogated - ... im such a geek!