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  • Philip Wadler and Erik Meijer: On Programming Language Theory and Practice

    While I may never have a chance to meet or speak to Erik Meijer, if you remember, tell him that I am (not that you know me either) fast becoming a Haskell geek and its all thanks to his incessant references to Haskell no matter what he talks about. Well after F# I thought it
    was natural to hit Haskell as well. Also I am having a great time learning it. Erik is a Haskell Master Jedi, I am still Padawan.

    Charles, also, thank for grabbing these guys at Lang.Net and having them talk, esp Gilad Bracha - he is one funny dude.

    PS: Also what the hey, the only copy of that book is 400 bucks!
  • Philip Wadler and Erik Meijer: On Programming Language Theory and Practice

    Haha sorry I totally didn't read the intro but thanks for the head up!
  • Philip Wadler and Erik Meijer: On Programming Language Theory and Practice

    Good talk, I am interested in this book as well. But can someone please tell me the name of the book. I amazoned his name but don't even know the title. Thanks in advance (
  • Mike Barnett - Getting started with Code Contracts in Visual Studio 2008

    I watched the Spec# Expert to Expert vid with Erik Meijer a while back and it is pretty interesting stuff. Looking forward to this to see how far it has come.
  • The Future of C#

    You can download if you use Firefox and the Video DownloadHelper []

    Start playing the video and the little VDH icon will be animated, just click on it and do a "Save As.." [works for tons of other embedded video sources as well]
  • Erik Meijer, Dave Thomas and Pratap Lakshman: Perspectives on JavaScript and Language Design

    Excellent, excellent talk! I always enjoy talks by Erik - especially when he is in a group setting. On the other hand, every time Erik opens his mouth, I end up realizing I have to go learn something new Smiley Not a bad thing but there are only so many hours in the day.

    The topics dealing with concurrency will keep popping up and it is interesting to see all the ideas being thrown out on how to deal with this potential bottleneck that is bearing down on us. I hope that some time in the future I will be able to attend JAOO myself - it just seems to be an amazing experience.
  • Windows Vista - 64 bit in the Mainstream

    I have recently installed WinXP 64 bit and with the exception of some minor tweaks and driver issue (actually, I was just too lazy to fix the last device as I don't care for it) - I am happy with it. However, many programs were and are still being written for 32 bit systems, so if there was supposed to be better performance via xp64, I really haven't seen it and I even upped my ram to 4g on my laptop.

    I am however, very interested in a converted Server 2008 to Workstation because from what people have said, it is what vista should have been.
  • Visual Basic Language Design Meeting

    Very cool stuff. I am not a VB programmer as I have one full weekend on VS2003 VB experience Smiley

    However, some interviews on C9 with Erik Meijer and Brian Beckman seem to point that they have big plans for VB so I am sure that I will get around to learning it soon. VB seems to be a good contender to be a hybrid language, mixing static and dynamic features while still having a good level of abstraction to allow programmers to just dive in and be productive. I am also curious to see how the team will go about dealing with the concurrency issues that is sure to rear it's head in the near future. Maybe the TPL will be a part of the solution, who knows.

    It's very early/late - depends on how you look at it. Good night/morning niners!
  • Algorithms and Data Structures: Mike Swanson - Genetic Session Scheduler

    I wanna be like Mike!

    As I have said in other posts, I don't have too much experience with algorithms but I really hope I get the chance to learn about some at least. This was a very cool presentation and very, very informative in a relatively short time slot.  The explanations were clear and easily understandable.

    Hope to see more in the future.

    I wish I can go to the PDC, but I need a job first Smiley
    Keep 'em coming Charles!
  • Peter Sestoft: Inside The C5 Generic Collection Library for C# and CLI

    This is really cool stuff. It makes me wish I can go back to school and just stay there. However, some of it is probably over my head at this time because I was not a CS major, so I never took any classes in Data Structures or Algorithms. Whatever little I know is just what I picked up from learning programming and its not a whole lot.

    However, that aside, those guys at Copenhagen has some interesting ideas and I hope to check out c5 once I get through F#! Excellent work all around.
  • Erik Meijer, Gilad Bracha, Mads Torgersen: Perspectives on Programming Language Design and Evolution

    I have finally had a chance to see this video. Given some comments, I expected that it would not be good at all but to me, Gilad is damn funny. He is sarcastic in a subtle way - my kind of guy and then throw erik in there, and well its a comedy club for nerds by nerds. Respect all around, I wish I could work with any of those guys. They are some of the best out there and I enjoyed this very much. I hope to learn whatever I can about Newspeak and as soon as I am done F#, I am going to hit Haskell and Erlang. Also thanks to Erik and Beckman, it seems I need to learn VB as well. But I have at least one trait as those guys - I love to learn. Time for some more coffee...
  • C# 4.0: Meet the Design Team

    Charles, that is a good point about libraries vs. language constructs.  I assume that we are still a little ways from C#4.0 and in the mean time, the TPL library is being consumed and improved. Given that Joe Duffy and Anders seem to talk all the time, then it seems that the TPL library will provide a good test bed for parallelism, which, if successful, can be implemented in the next c# version. I mean the framework exists and not just for c# but LINQ as well. Anyway, just my 2.5 cents.