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  • C# 4.0: Meet the Design Team

    It's the anticipation that is killing me!
    Excellent stuff - I have say, I enjoy Anders, E Meijer and the PFX team interviews. I hope to see more of F# folks in the near future. I wish I can work with these any of these groups - they do such cool stuff.
  • C# 4.0: Meet the Design Team

    To either Borum.NET or Charles: I have recoded this vid to h.264 mkv and the file is now only 355mb. I do not have ftp (but could set one up in a few days - need to reinstall  win...) but if anyone wants the mkv version of this file I will be more than happy to upload it to you, even through IM if need be.

    Now, I am off to go watch this.
    Great work getting these vids up - thanks a lot.
  • IE Team to Mozilla: ​Congratulat​ions!

    hmmm the 3d 'e' cake - cause u know cake just sucks if it isn't 3d
    so far ff3 is pure sugary sweetness  - but in all fairness, the ie team is still trying to improve the browser
    I think one of the guys at ff suggest trading some ideas - who knows, that may be the sweet future
  • Doug Seven: Visual Studio Team System 2008 and Rosario

    The next release will be fully loaded.
    Not sure where this belongs, but here is something I'd like to see added:  Code to HTML or something of the sort. I am trying to use Google Blogger with LiveWriter and so far, I can't get VS code to any article. I used both Insert Code Snippet and Insert from VS plugins but it still looks horrible on Blogger (the lines look like they are 1.5x spaced or something). It is seriously holding me up from posting stuff.

    So basically, a VS tool to port code either to LW or to file (like in VS2003) would be nice!
  • Don Syme: Introduction to F#, Part 2

    Actually user Geek1ab from Part 1 had links to both videos. From his post:

    Part 1 at:
    Part 2 at:

    I an getting P2 as I make this post