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  • Windows Vista Tattoo

    Beer28 wrote:
    what happens if you like some other operating system better in the future?(like oh say.... well, I better not)
    I see alot of painful laser treatments in your future.

    Now that's just crazy talk! Wink
  • Windows Vista Tattoo

    Alright, I corrected my post, I had two thoughts going at once. Smiley  Thanks!

  • Windows Vista Tattoo

    It's real, I had it done about 4 weeks ago during a slow Monday afternoon.  The tattoo was done at http://slavetotheneedle.com.  I'm glad you like it but then again you have to say that.  Rule #1 You never tell someone their tattoo looks bad, it's like calling their baby ugly.

    Mike "Wildpug" Langowski

  • Windows Vista Tattoo

    alexg wrote:
    that's awesome! what you gonna do when windows logo changes ever so slighty again?

    I actually expensed it to the Marketing guy's cost center. If they change the logo BEFORE we ship Vista I'll just expense the touch up as well. Tongue Out