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  • Joe Stegman talks about the "WPF/E" CTP

    John Gault wrote:

    3) .NET integration:  is this a myth or will we see a lightwieght runtime incorporated into WPFE?  In the Mike Harsh video he used C# to change opacity if I remember correctly.  has this been abandoned or is it still in play.  Also, will this be a strictly windows technology (the CLR Integration aspect) or are you planning to package a runtime for MAC as well.

    According to a blog post by Scott Guthrie, the managed runtime still to come.

    "We'll also be providing "WPF/E" integration with .NET managed code next year."

    In the meantime, take a look at the following post by Nikhil Kothari - http://www.nikhilk.net/WPFEAndScriptSharp.aspx

  • Joe Stegman talks about the "WPF/E" CTP

    DiegoV wrote:
    When I try to install the Visual Studio Template from the SDK, it says that it depends of the Web Application Projects add ins. I have Visual Studio 2005 SP1 beta, which contains a new version of Web Application Projects. But it does not work.

    Sadly I cannot setup a separate computer for this.

    Hi DeigoV, the Web Application Projects add in is available here:

  • Joe Stegman talks about the "WPF/E" CTP

    will wrote:
    Can anyone actually download the WPF/E SDK?

    I've tried a few times, but it just keeps saying "The page cannot be found".

    I've downloaded the WPF/E CTP for Windows, and that works fine. Just unable to download the SDK.

    Nevermind, it works now!
  • Joe Stegman talks about the "WPF/E" CTP

    Can anyone actually download the WPF/E SDK?

    I've tried a few times, but it just keeps saying "The page cannot be found".

    I've downloaded the WPF/E CTP for Windows, and that works fine. Just unable to download the SDK.
  • Scott Woodgate and team - Announcing Windows Workflow Foundation

    From memory, this was formerly known as Windows Orchestration Engine.

    There's a fair bit of information out there on WinOE.

    Sounds promising.

    Haven't seen the video yet though.
  • Iain McDonald - Talking about release candidate of Windows Server 2003 R2 (and other stuff)

    dotnetjunkie wrote:

    BTW, I like the download file to be in higher quality like this too!

    People with slow connections can always use the streaming version.  The download version can be 1Mbps or so.

    Most Internet users have more than 3Mbps downstream anyway...

    Well, remember that in some countries there's also the matter of download caps. Whereby either you go over the limit and pay at a higher rate how ever much you go over (by the MB i seem to recall) or some of the other providers slow you down to about 64k after you go over your 12GB.

    If all the videos of this size i'd need to be more selective with what I stream and what I download. With download I feel it's much smoother and I can watch it when i'm free but without a net connection. I have a Tablet PC because of it's size and form factor. I can be anywhere and just turn it on and do stuff with it, including watching videos from Channel 9 etc... Or if i'm at home surfing the net with wifi. It's already quite slow on wifi, streaming would be even slower. So I pre-download it and watch it later.

    I would love to have all of the videos at this size if I didn't have that limit.
  • Iain McDonald - Talking about release candidate of Windows Server 2003 R2 (and other stuff)

    Robert, great video!

    And another great and very interesting interview with Iain.

    Guess if you were to find one word that doesn't describe him it'd be "shy".

    Interesting his comments with regards to deploying a "clean slate" so to say, and make the user enable things as they need it as opposed to having what some developers think are the "really cool" stuff turned on by default.

    Sounds like the aim is to keep the "attackable" surface as small as possible to eliminate potential attacks on services that many users probably would never make use of.

    I like listening to Iain in his videos, maybe that's because he's an Aussie? Tongue Out  (You should interview more Aussies Robert!)
  • Chris Jones - Beta 1 of Windows Vista revealed

    eddwo wrote:
    What I do hope is that there is at least support for inputting and editing INK on non-tablets, maybe the equivelent of having the Tablet SDK installed by default. Or will that come through WinFX as well?

    Was just looking around at the MSDN Windows Vista website and saw the following:

    Windows Vista includes many advances for Tablet PC developers. Chief among these are Ink Analysis and integration with the Windows Presentation Foundation, formerly code name "Avalon". Probably the biggest advance, however, is the ubiquity of Tablet PC features. To date, developers have had a difficult time with the Tablet PC technology redistribution problem. With Windows Vista, however, Tablet PC technologies are ubiquitous across all Windows Vista editions.

    via: http://msdn.microsoft.com/windowsvista/mobile/#tpc
  • Mike Swanson - Adobe Illustrator to XAML converter

    leighsword wrote:
    mswanson wrote: leighsword:

    Interestingly, I used CorelDRAW almost exclusively until version 6.0, when I started to work more and more with bitmap graphics (advent of the Internet). Only after I had become accustomed to Photoshop did I look at Illustrator, because it was part of the suite I had purchased.

    i don't know can Illustrator export to SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics is a language for describing two-dimensional graphics in XML)?you know CorelDRAW 12 can do it.
    i think make a XML to XAML converter easy than make a binary to XAML converter.

    Yes, Illustrator does allow you to export to the SVG format.

    There are currently 2 SVG to XAML converters that I know of out there.
    SVG2Xaml and XamlConverter

  • Erik von Fuchs - Tour of Hardware Lab, Clip One

    Loadsgood wrote:
    What is "F-Lock" Never heard of it before. It is probably called something else down here in Aus but I'd like to know why it is annoying.

    I just finished the 7 hour download of this video on dialup (as we say in Australia, "C'MON!" ) I'll watch it tomorrow morning, or otherwise in a few hours.


    Dialup? You're crazy... Tongue Out  

    Yeah, we do have it here in Australia. Just check out your local Dick Smith/Harvey Norman/Office Works etc... Go look at their keyboards section, and then find one of the Microsoft keyboards. Along the top row you will see that there is a key with a big "F" on it that also says "F Lock".

    Check this picture out and see if you can see the F Lock key.

    You see, with a keyboard with the F Lock key, you can't press your regular F1, F2 etc... buttons unless you hit that F-Lock key (turning it on). So F1 is "Help" F2 is "Undo" etc...

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