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Andrew Richards windev Andrew Richards
  • Defrag Tools: #14 - WinDbg - SOS

    @MagicAndre1981: That is definitely a planned series of episodes. We will do that for user and kernel..

  • Defrag Tools: #14 - WinDbg - SOS

    @MagicAndre1981: I didn't want to mention PSSCORx as it is a download, and not in the box.  The vast majority of debugs don't need it (over SOS). Saying that, I did use it for the last few years up until recently where some bugs in them made me go back to SOS. If you like PSSCOR, also check out SOSEx, which is a companion to SOS or PSSCORx.

    Kernel - I think Chad mentions CtrlScrollScroll and CrashOnNMI in next week's episode, and I think I might have in #1 too... If it was missed, email the show (defragtools@microsoft.com) and I'll go over them in the next kernel debugging video shoot.

    If you question is more about kernel hang debugging vs. crash debugging, we'll cover that ~6 episodes from now.

    @Philip Saunders: ProcDump v5.1 is still going through the signing process. I'll ping Mark to see if it can be expedited.

    [UPDATE: 16th Nov. 2012 -- ProcDump v5.1 is now available]

  • Defrag Tools: #14 - WinDbg - SOS

    @Shayan_Anique: It was taped pre-GA (3rd Oct).  My laptop is now Windows 8.

  • Defrag: Bing Desktop on 8, RAID0 SSD, Build Favorites

    @dentaku: Try Best Buy. They are definitely selling the OS and devices. And there is always the MS Stores - if there is one nearby, it is worth the trip.

    If you can wait a week or so, you should see a new wave of x86/x64 touch devices hit the stores - the OEMs are releasing the rest of their models just before Thanksgiving.

  • Defrag Tools: Live - //build/ 2012

    It's correct - it just got reposted here as the other post was associated with //build/, and not Defrag Tools.  The plan was to post the //build/ video last week and post a new episode this week, but we got too far behind schedule. The WinDBG series will return next Monday - with an episode on SOS.

  • Defrag Tools: #12 - TaskMgr and ResMon

    @Kaz: That's a really good question. I don't think you can via any menu. And you can't select the text in the added column. I think Process Monitor is the answer (using the properties dialog).

  • Part 1: Series Introduction

    @BobTabor: BTW, it takes about 14hrs to go through it all (with some replays and breaks)... I started at 8am and ended after 10pm. Only had a short lunch and dinner and took a few phone calls -- so all-in-all, about 11-12hrs of training.

  • Part 1: Series Introduction

    Just watched all 34 episodes back-to-back. (Power was out in the office so I thought I'd make the most of the day).

    Wow, what a great series. I'm a Win32 C++ guy, with little UI or C# experience, and I followed along easily with all the concepts Bob presented. I'm enthused to write my own app now - just need an idea... Maybe something to do with my series "Defrag Tools"? Tip of the day/week perhaps?

    Thanks Bob!

  • Part 14: Modifying DataTemplates

    At 6:53, the margin change should have been done to the image, not the textblock. Absolutely a great series... Been watching all day. Cool

  • Defrag Tools: #13 - WinDbg

    @felix9: The Defrag Tools series arose as a spinoff of Defrag Show so that troubleshooting tools in general could be covered at depth. We did a lot of research in the forums and this was one of the posts we paid a lot of attention to. Golnaz (our great studio operator) organized Brad to tackle the managed code aspect of windbg in his series (http://channel9.msdn.com/Series/-NET-Debugging-Stater-Kit-for-the-Production-Environment) - while we were planning Defrag Tools.

    On Defrag Tools, we're being more generic than Brad's series and are talking about the basic commands and the underlying OS constructs you need to know about. We'll defer to Brad's series for specific (deep) managed code debugging tips. We will and do cover the basics (next week is all about getting SOS loaded - for example) of managed debugging.

    This is a show for you - steer us in the direction you want us to go... If you want more than 10 episodes on WinDbg, tell us that and we'll hold off transitioning to xperf and will keep on producing windbg content for you. Chad and I both train the user and kernel mode courses within Microsoft and can easily continue to dive deeper and wider - from the physical hardware, up through kernel mode, through user mode and up in to high constructs like managed and WinRT application code.