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Mark Wisecarver wisemx Live it
  • 7:45 A.M. Italy (Naples) Sonic Boom!

    Dovella said:
    ScanIAm said:
    Naples is a Mix of  Beverly Hills, Bronx  an Tokyo
    my examples are not random.

    We have town like  Sorrento, Positano , Amalfi , Capri, Nerano, Conca dei Marini , etc etc..
    where you can leave your Ferrari alone with the keys on the dashboard , no thief will take you off the car.
    VIP every year from all over the world spend their holidays here  (Bill Gates went to Nerano with  Octupus).
    More remote areas are invaded by criminals, like Scampia , Forcella , Quartieri Spagnoli etc.

    In all this good living in Naples depends only on the area you live in, probably this can be true for every city in the world.

    I thought we bought Naples from you. Big Smile
    (U.S.M.C. / U.S. Navy)

  • Microsoft Strata

    blowdart said:
    joechung said:
    Resources on demand. Why pay for disk space you don't use? Database services you don't use? And accessible from everywhere. And you don't have to worry about managing it. And it drives software as a service nicely.
    I'm all for it and have been on the beta test team all year but...
    We're going to be shreaded by the media on Security and Privacy concerns.
    Sneaking up on the horizon are Microsoft Gold Partner hosting 'issues'.

  • What would you say is Microsoft's coolest product?

    Expression Studio

  • angie cover samples ...?

    Fake Mock 35:    Title: No Handles

  • Barak Obama has gay parents

    That group takes pride in failure: http://failblog.org/

  • 7:45 A.M. Italy (Naples) Sonic Boom!

    Dovella said:
    BlackTiger said:
    [youtube video="s24F5Qmehj8"]

  • Microsoft Expression Studio free?

    turrican said:
    vesuvius said:

    I sure hope so. As things are now, I won't be touching WPF unless they release some sort of good RAD tool for free because frankly, I can not justify this cost AT ALL to my boss nor myself. No way in hell they would pay for this. And yes, as you say I don't undrestand why pay for this thing when this is basically promotion for windows if "we the developers" start coding and making stuff for WPF. The whole thing about Windows is its application and developer support and if they are moving away from WinForms and going WPF, they absolutely should provide the tool for free.

    I mean learning new stuff and doing WPF is by itself a huge time/cost eater, on top of that we gott'a pay for the RAD tool when we can do stuff in WinForms with the free tools quicker.

    It's almost an insult to developers. Not only they are taking away the power of gUI creation from us and handing it to "designers", they also won't even give us the RAD tool.

    How often is it really that corporations got a whole employee hired just for designing the application? Usually they got the developer thing it all and sheesh, being forced to have TWO tools instead of one is pain enough, now we also have to pay extra for it.

    I have heard a lot of "fanboys" regarding this issue, but bottom line is WPF won't start to take off in a larger scale unless developers "like me" are happy with the tools. I'm sure there are maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaany people like me out there in corporations just waiting for a free tool.

    Sorry for the long rant, I'm just very very very annoyed on this thing. This is the second time trying WPF and again, I'm stuck on the bad tools.


    Go to Channel 8 and check out Dream Spark.

  • Zune Phone Ad Paraody Video

    Sign me up Big Smile

    btw, I use my Zune with my Verizon Blitz, perfect combination.
    Now if only Papa Msft will combine the two.
    (I'm limited to Verizon here, no choice on that part.)

  • Obama gets gutted, McCain closer to white house

    It's sad we always turn to debating the Tax cuts.

    Don't you get it? Simply a way to hit the hearts of the striving to survive class.
    The Rich can hardly care less.

  • The Radio

    PerfectPhase said:

    No correlation between this and how my day's been going......
    That's a very cool vid. Big Smile

    This doesn't have Music but it is also very, very cool...