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William Kempf wkempf
  • Cool Codec pack for vista

    blowdart wrote:
    wkempf wrote:
    Looks fishy to me as well (a false positive on malware detection?).

    Related question, though, what do others use for codecs?  Don't mind paying a little, if the price is reasonable.

    On XP? ffdshow

    On Vista.

  • Cool Codec pack for vista

    Looks fishy to me as well (a false positive on malware detection?).

    Related question, though, what do others use for codecs?  Don't mind paying a little, if the price is reasonable.

  • Are Virtual Function Calls Still Expensive?

    1.  Virtual calls will always have the overhead of at least one indirection (the optimizer can, in some circumstances, eliminate this, but in those cases you're not doing anything polymorphic).

    2.  The overhead of the v-call has always been just a single indirection, which has never been that expensive.

    3.  When you need a virtual call (polymorphic behavior), there's no other concept you could hand craft that would perform any better.

    4.  Premature optimization is the root of all evil (or something like that).

    If you don't need polymorphic behavior, don't use it.  If you need it, worrying about the overhead of a v-call is pointless.

  • JLINQ - WTF?!?

    There's a lot of "non-me" people around here.  Don't agree with all of them, but that's what makes the community great.

    You aren't a "non-me".  You're a troll.  Of course, I'm feeding you right now, but this will be the last time.

  • Tafiti looks cool

    BitFlipper wrote:

    My main gripe with it:

    Whenever I do a search (Google, MSN, etc), I quickly scan through the results and  middle-click on any result link that looks interesting. This opens a new tab for each one I click on, without changing focus to the new tabs.   This way I pick all the relevant-looking links while still in the same frame of mind and know I will eventually get to them, and not be distracted by any one link and then forget about checking the remaining interesting links.

    Gripe? I can't find any way to open the results from Tafiti in a new tab.  It insists that you left-click on the results and therefore force a completely new browser window to pop up - how annoying!

    This is part of my gripe with SilverLight - it seems they succumbed to the lowest common denominator and only give you "a mouse button" as opposed to left/right/middle/ buttons (and scroll wheel). This is 2007 - we have moved well past 1 button mice a long time ago.

    I hope this is just developers creating SilverLight apps that don't implement support for additional mouse button functionality rather than SilverLight only supporting one button from the start.



  • JLINQ - WTF?!?

    TheWiseGuy wrote:
    dude, you need to cut down on your sugar.

    no one called you a paid basher (or as you call it "shill", didnt know there was actually such a word). Your own statements concluded that you were a paid "shill".


    Nothing that I said concluded I was a paid shill (no quotes).  You first hinted at it by asking about who I was employed by and then directly called me a "paid basher" (obviously my grammatical skills are better than yours).  Don't try and turn things around here, it just makes you look worse than you already did.

    TheWiseGuy wrote:

    I am not with ibm neither with any other company.

    I'd have to take your word on that, since you're posting anonymously.  However, the evidence doesn't back that up, so I'm reluctant to do so.  At best your a troll, at worst your a paid troll.

    TheWiseGuy wrote:

    A long time ago I came to the conclusion that being an independent consultant is the easiest way to make money rather than working with the likes of IBM, Oracle, or MS. I have not had a boss except myself for the past 30 years. I suggest you try being an independent consultant also.

    Oh, you're better than I am because you're a "paid consultant".  I get it *rolls eyes*.  Of course, you don't say who pays you or what you consult on.

    TheWiseGuy wrote:

    My observation has been that paid bashers, or paid pumpers are becoming more and more of a norm with the big players in this business (IBM, Oracle, MS, SAP, etc. all play the same).

    And there you go again.

    TheWiseGuy wrote:

    If you are not a paid basher (or pumper) then why get upset! LOL

    I heard you beat your wife.  Oh, if you don't beat your wife, then why get upset at that?

    TheWiseGuy wrote:

    Like I said cut down in the sugar and you will feel much much better.

    Yeah, what ever.  Definate troll.  Charles, I think another hammer is soon going to be in order.

  • Tafiti looks cool

    Cyonix wrote:
    You guys have to try the Tree View in full screen mode, very beautiful... not sure how useful it is

    Interesting, any way.  Doesn't seem useful at all, but it is pleasing to the eye.  The ability to drag links and searches to the glass pane is interesting.

  • JLINQ - WTF?!?

    Actually, it looks like you joined this forum just yesterday to comment on this thread.  I'm betting you're the paid shill.

  • JLINQ - WTF?!?

    There were 983 page views.  No gaurantee they were unique.  Much less gaurantee any of those folks went further and actually read the article.  After all, only 11 people so far have voted up or down on the article.

    In the mean time, I commented there and started this thread because I find it, ahem, interesting that IBM is "stealing" the name here.  I resent your implications that I did so because I'm a "paid shill".  Paid by whom, huh?  I've already told you I have no ties to Microsoft or Oracle (what Oracle would care about this subject is beyond me).  I'm also not posting anonymously here.  I've got enough information about myself plastered all over the place for you to figure out pretty much anything you'd care to know about me.  Shilling for any company isn't something I do.  So take your accusations elsewhere.

  • JLINQ - WTF?!?

    How is Microsoft taking a hammering?  I don't see any swings back towards the Java world.  There's a slight swing back towards the JVM for other languages on top of it, such as Groovy and JRuby.  But that's not a trend likely to see a huge amount of traction in the corporate world.  Java purists are unhappy with where the language is going.  The Java answer to Silverlight (sorry, the name is escaping me right now) is not finding any traction.

    On the flip side, .NET is going strong.  WCF is going strong.  Silverlight is garnering positive buzz.  WPF has people interested, but skeptical.  LINQ is revolutionary (and JLINQ doesn't get that).  There's very interesting new technologies being previewed for .NET, such as Acropolis.

    Sorry, I just don't see what you see.