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William Kempf wkempf
  • My impressions of Visual Studios 2015

    @vesuvius:There is no Visual Studio Online anymore. Branding change. It's Visual Studio Team Services now. :P

    Visual Studio Online (err, Visual Studio Team Services) has never been an IDE. It's still not. That's actually why the name change was made, because the name sure sounds like it means a cloud hosted IDE. I have not done anything on Linux in far too many years now, but I believe MonoDevelop would still be your goto choice there. AFAIK it's been updated to handle all of the changes in the .NET ecosystem, i.e. dnx, NuGet, .NET Core, MSBuild, etc.

    NuGet was a game changer, but I think the real game changer is open sourcing .NET and creating a portable core (with NuGet for all libraries instead of needing to install a monolithic framework). The pace of (very positive) changes in .NET since they started that has been astounding.

  • Windows 10 Fall Version

    If you weren't the one to make the switch on purpose, then there's no reason to feel silly. Most users would have been as confused as you in that situation.

  • Windows 10 Fall Version

    @vesuvius: You're in tablet mode. Open the notifications and there will be a button at the bottom that will allow you to switch to desktop mode. I'm not sure what caused you to switch modes, but this is the same UI as it's always been.

  • Cortana is doing that Clippy thing

    In what way? Cortana only acts when you "speak" to her. Clippy was annoying because he'd but in with "it looks like you're..."

  • x86 Android devices able to run Windows apps ...

    More like stupid. OK, not totally stupid, as a tablet device might work with this (though you'd need a mouse... do Android devices support mice at all?). But, most sites are talking about Android phones, which is just plain stupid. This works for Win32 only applications, which are not touch friendly and not designed for small screens. Very, very few people will have a use for this.

  • Surface Pro 4 Type Cover improvements

    It dawned on me, there's plenty of space beside the trackpad to put a full numeric keypad. Not the greatest way to control the cursor for touch typists, but it would be better than nothing, and number crunchers would thank them.

  • Surface Pro 4 Type Cover improvements

    Personally, I'd rather have kept the smaller trackpad (heck, even get rid or it!) and gotten dedicated function keys. The function keys serving dual purposes with essential keys like home and end just don't work well, IMHO. I can't believe the Surface Book, with a bigger laptop keyboard, has committed the same sin. :(

  • October 6th ​Announcemen​ts

    , kettch wrote

    @TexasToast: Windows 10 has an Android subsystem that can, in cases where there are no dependencies on Google services, natively run APKs that are sideloaded. The best scenario is if the developer does do a recompile with some Windows specific extensions.

    Yeah, the recompile is necessary only to remove Android/Google specific services or to add Windows specific services (at runtime, so the same APK can be distributed to both platforms). Many apps will run without modification, and the effort to modify the other apps is usually going to be pretty small.


    Microsoft announced the bridges quite a while ago, and the actual SDKs leaked a few months ago allowing some to demonstrate side loading existing APKs (i.e. unmodified). This is a reality, not a rumor, though we don't yet have all of the details revealed.

  • October 6th ​Announcemen​ts

    , TexasToast wrote

    So no Google apps on Windows 10 phones?  Too good to be true.  I guess I will order a band since I don't need another phone or laptop.

    They didn't talk software at all, but that doesn't mean anything. We know Android apps will run on Win10 mobile. The dev kits leaked and we've seen side loaded APKs (unmodified) running on preview bits already.

  • October 6th ​Announcemen​ts

    , Ian2 wrote

    Damn, looks like $1899 - where am I supposed to get the money from?

    Love how we (and I mean we, because that's my reaction as well) react so negatively to this price, wondering who could afford it, when "back in my day" you paid well over $3000 for desktop PCs. It's all relative, I guess.