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William Kempf wkempf
  • I'm not happy with Windows 10 (details inside) - am I missing something?

    , BitFlipper wrote

    It's hard for me to fathom that they spent an incalculable amount of resources to end up with something that is worse, that no-one asked for, all while no-one had any major complains about Windows 7 which would justify such a drastic change.

    This paragraph is really the root of what you're saying, and a big part  of what the OP said as well. And it's simply wrong.

    Yes, Windows 7 was popular, as the OS that "fixed Vista". But there were still plenty of complaints. Many of them the same complaints that have been made here. You can easily find posts on this site complaining that the icons in Windows 7 were a mishmash of Win 3.1, Win95 and XP, with no cohesive design.

    Win10 has actually improved things here, a LOT. That said, I agree it's still a mess. But, it always has been, and frankly, IMHO, the other platforms aren't really any better, other than they have fewer decades of legacy cruft.

    Modern Apps bondsbw has this one correct. Modern apps are not about mobile at all anymore. One could argue they never were, though there's no denying the extremely heavy focus on mobile with all of Win8. If this is your complaint, however, I don't understand why you're on Win8 or how Win10 couldn't be seen as anything but an improvement here?

    Edge this is version 1.0, and as such, is actually a really impressive browser. I'd love to know which sites you visit that are improperly rendered, because I've not seen any yet. Since I doubt you use IE, I don't see how your opinion here matters much, however. If you do use IE and actually think Edge is a step back... I doubt you'll find many that agree.

    Start Menu some of your complaints here are valid, but the hate on the tiles colors your post for me. Don't like them, then get rid of them. Problem solved, no? I do agree, however, that this is an area where they still have work to do.

    Dual Monitor Support I honestly can't comment here. I use dual monitors all the time, but I have yet to install Win10 on such a system. Some of the things you complain about I find surprising, and assuming you're correct this would be a very legitimate complaint.

    Cortana Can't agree with much of what was said. Cortana's voice recognition is far better than any other voice recognition I've used. Far from perfect, but no one's gotten this one down yet. It works often enough to be useful... though I'll be honest I type to Cortana far more often than I speak to her. As for her "just returning Bing searches", well, that's what most people would expect. All of the digital assistants mostly just return a web search. Is the complaint that it uses Bing instead of Google? If so, all I can say is "Duh!"

    Automatic Driver Updates like everyone else does? Yes, in the PC world this is a whole lot more difficult, but regular uses expect it and can't really be expected to update them themselves. This is mostly a damned if you do and damned if you don't area. What they could do is allow people to opt out. That complaint I get, and mostly agree with.

    Multiple Desktops are not really a new feature. They've only exposed it via the shell for the first time. I see little here that I'd consider to be any different than any other OS has done, so I don't get the negativity.

    GUI Uniformit I already covered this. You're not wrong, but it's also nothing new, it's better than it has been, and every other platform has problems here.

  • A Thread Safe Singleton Cache Helper Class

    Nothing wrong with this code, but I do have some criticisms.

    1. I dislike the use of the DCL pattern here. You've implemented it correctly on .NET, but there's absolutely no reason to have gone to all this work. A static constructor would have accomplished the same thing with far less code to maintain. In general, this is always the case for "singleton" type designs. For non-singleton designs where you need to create an object in a thread safe manner, Lazy<T> is a better option than rolling your own DCL. The need for rolling your own DCL mechanism in .NET is so rare that I bet most developers never need to, despite the fact that most seem to do it anyway. :S

    2. You've over used static here. Other than "instance" none of the static fields should have been static. Honestly, even making Cache a "static" in this way is at least a bit problematic, as there's no way to mock out this service when unit testing other bits that rely on it. Yes, I know lots of framework classes are designed this way, but most of them aren't bits you'd want to mock out and many of them actually just provide implementations for interfaces that you'd supply (inject) anyway, such as the IComparable classes.

    3. Cache itself is an extremely thin wrapper around MemoryCache. You may have a reason to need such a wrapper, but I don't see it as being a reusable bit of code considering what little it does.

  • A web URL just f up my Edge Browser :(

    That's an unfortunate bug. You can probably fix it, though. I believe under the settings there's an option to not reload the tabs. Temporarily do that and restart the browser.

  • Site dropdown menu not working in last few builds of Edge browser

    I see the same, though there is a simple work around. Don't just tap. Tap and drag, and the menu will remain open. Don't know if this is an Edge bug, or a site bug.

  • anyway to add content into cortana?

    If the content is on the web, it's already in Cortana, you just have to concentrate on SEO. If you had an app there'd be further integration you could do.

  • Windows Phone 10 is coming.

    , magicalclick wrote


    Wireless charging is not that great. Trust me, I had it and it is not that important. I was lucky to have Ford Escort and customized the shallow cup holder into a charging station. But, no other car can do this.

    And the wireless charging is unreliable when you need to make sure you aim good and not using the phone. But, a lot of times, I want to charge and use my phone.

    I really can't agree. Wireless charging is one feature I really don't want to give up. Being able to just throw my phone on the charger when going to bed really does make a big difference, surprisingly. And I've never once had problems with my "aim". Probably because I'm using a well designed charger: http://www.valuefind.us/p/Nokia-Dt-910-Lumia-820-920-Wireless-Charging-Stand-Black-52912289.html

    You can't really put the phone on wrong with that stand charger, and the stand means I have a convenient alarm clock beside the bed as well. As cheong says, there's less wear and tear on the USB connector as well. Despite using Qi as my primary way to charge the phone, the USB connector has still worn out to the point where I have to fiddle with the cable for quite some time before a proper connection is made now. If that was how I had to charge my phone every night, I'd go insane.

    So, if you think the charging requires accurate aim, I'd highly recommend you try a different charger.

  • Modern Skype is dead.

    @bondsbw: As usual, bad naming by Microsoft. Yes, technically it's UWP, but the marketers have been calling the "Universal Apps". Technically Universal Apps were a way to target both Win8 and WP8 through rebuilding. UWP apps on the other hand are actual more universal... they are a single binary that runs on all the various platforms... because all those platforms are "just Windows".

    And no, from a technical point of view UA is not dead. You can still use the same architecture to create "UA" applications for Windows 10. That's just not the right way to do it anymore, since UWP applications are superior from a development point of view. All I was saying was that I'm sure Skype will be written as a UWP (or as the marketers call it, a "Universal Application"), and that means the old application will be entirely replaced. For what ever unknown reason, Microsoft doesn't want to support the old application so they are prematurely forcing people to switch to the Desktop application and confusing everyone needlessly.

  • Modern Skype is dead.

    , magicalclick wrote


    Aka, it must be so hard to update it to UA. Must be super difficult like C9 new line text editor deficiency. (took C9 almost a year and me literally starting an repeated reporting initiative to fix it).

    No, but UA apps will only run on Win10, so they'd still have to kill the "modern" app. I think they've very badly bungled the message, but I don't think Paul is correct either. The existing desktop app won't run on the phone, and there's zero chance Microsoft will abandon WP or leave Skype off of it. So there will be a UA version of Skype in the future. All I can guess is that they no the UA app will be the only app in the future, and there's some bug or security flaw in the "modern" app that they don't want to spend the resources fixing. So, killing the modern app makes sense to them. Of course, the message that sends is horrible, so they should have either waited for the UA version before killing it, or not killed it at all no matter the cost. This move really is dumb. 

  • Joe Duffy says: big year head, stay tuned

    @felix9: That's why I said similar. I don't think we want another CLR language. But a language with C#'s productivity that compiles to native, and maybe is tuned for WinRT work, and includes some of the advanced features he was working on in M#? Yeah, bring it on.

  • Joe Duffy says: big year head, stay tuned

    My guess would be M# or a similar language. One that gives you the productivity of C# but with the performance of C++. Probably designed to work very well with WinRT as well.

    Or, am I just wishing?