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  • Tad Brockway - Terminal Services team tour

    Hi Nadim,


    Thanks for the email back.


    I am glad to see that you are looking at various devices for your RDP testing. We have some of the 1st WebPADS ever created to the latest embedded devices. Overall I have about 20-30 different embedded devices with various OS’s in my office and more in our thin client and server based computing performance lab (RDP & ICA) which I built about 5 years ago.


    Hopefully the RDP team has not fully transitioned over to higher performance based devices like tablets and desktops as the main bar for performance testing of the RDP protocol. The market for low power and lower MHz embedded devices like thin clients and hybrids have significantly grown over the last couple years and should be in your test suite for the lower end of the spectrum. Check out the latest IDC enterprise thin client report if you need detailed market and growth information.


    If you are interested in talking more about this offline you can contact me at my email address in my profile.




  • Tad Brockway - Terminal Services team tour

    It is about time that Terminal Services and RDP has made it into the limelight. The server based computing and thin client computing market has been highly underestimated with it recently seeing significant growth over the last couple years.

    The features and user experience keep getting better and I am amazed at all the different vertical market success stories I have heard of since 1999. I would agree that some of the common issues are licensing, application not design for multi-user, and general lack of understanding of the features and capabilities.

    Robert or Tad - I am interested in finding out from Nadim Abdo what he uses the DT Research 380 WebPad sitting next to the right of his laptop for? Performance testing or browsing the web from his office bar.  Also does anyone from the Terminal Services or RDP team plan on attending the upcoming Citrix iForum show in October?


  • Shishir Mehrotra - WinFS beta 1 team meeting

    Any chance you can transcode the videos for the PSP? Yes I know it's extra work but all the PSP owners will love you for it.
  • Emily Rimas - Tablet PC Education Pack revealed

    Talk about a killer education tool for the tablet PC market. Add this tool with Microsoft Student 2006 with Encarta and Office 2003 than you have the killer applications for the education market. It is too bad that the killer device (Tablet PC) cost too much for the mainstream school systems to deploy by the masses for 1:1 computing. Shrink the tablet size, get the hardware street price down to less than $600, lock down the system, and add some ruggedization and then you have a device for the masses for 1:1 education computing.