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  • Kevin Schofield - Tour of Microsoft Research, Part III (SmartPhone, Search, and HIV research)

    David Heckerman presented a side of Microsoft that I think the general public knows absolutely nothing about and certainly should.  Someone buy him a better monitor set up. He deserves it.
  • Kevin Schofield - Tour of Microsoft Research, Part II (machine learning)

    I don't care if the software can pass a Turing test or not. It's tough not to anthropomorphize here, but I would be happy if it could understand and be 'aware' of when I am busy, and divert calls or messages 'intuitively.'  It would agregate behaviour as Eric Horvitz said. I think the draw back in the selling of this is that your boss could hack your assistant - so to speak, and find out how productive you are. Or are not. And performance reviews could be contingent on your assistant's word you were working or not. I would still like to see one in a couple of years when it is more widely available. Microsoft SideKick or Microsoft Gatekeeper have a nice ring to it. Perhaps Gateskeeper? Smiley

    How many of the black cubes does Eric Horvitz have? It looked like a obsidian Rubic's cube farm on those shelves.
  • Omar Shahine - Inside Hotmail

    So that's what Omar looks like.   Thanks for your help a while back.  Two billion pieces of mail for 200 million users a day. That's large scale mail. Wow.