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  • Ping 232: USB 3.1, Xbox Wins an Emmy, Rudy Huyn

    Okay, Rick,

    Nice 'Surface flip' (tm) at about 5:28 in the recording.  does everyone dig the Rickster's dexterity?

    Keep up the great shows.


  • How to extend an App Studio app using Visual Studio

    @doctor You're correct, I think.  Bryan is saying that if you make changes, then you cannot upload the changes back to App Studio.   There isn't a function to do that.

    Looking at the code in Visual Studio doesn't make the app unsuitable for publishing in App Studio though.


  • Building Apps for Windows Phone 8.1: (12) Maps, Geolocation, and Geofencing

    So here's something interesting.

    I'm using exactly the same control as you, I have built a sample that puts icons on the map.

    In your sample, the icon overrides the labels on the map.  In mine, the labels override the icons, causing them to disappear seemingly randomly, but they are really getting overwritten by labels on the map.

    I've tried different Zindex's as high at 11 with no success.  (your Windows Phone map icon is set to 5).

    My sample uses a hub control and looks up the map control at runtime via its "Loaded" event handler, but other than that, I don't see a difference.

    I'll also report this in the forums, but haven't seen anyone else with this problem, so I thought I'd just remark here since you have a sample that works and is for WP 8.1


  • TWC9: Visual Studio 2013 Update 3 CTP 1, Code Map, Code Lens for Git and more...

    Okay, fair enough.  in that case, good show.

    I apologize.

  • TWC9: Visual Studio 2013 Update 3 CTP 1, Code Map, Code Lens for Git and more...

    Isn't the point of having the gentleman from Visual Studio to at least show something of the update?  I kept wondering when I was going to get at least a short demo, but it never came.

    Maybe I don't understand the show, but this was boring.


  • Part 21 - Exercise: I Love Cupcakes App

    This is a great series.  I just have to poke you for the title of the slides being "I love Cupcapes".  Are these some kinda super Cupcakes?

    Thought you'd like a chuckle.


  • Preshow Day 1

    Korg is cool, but the apps running on Windows 8 (RT also, by the way) are the real point.

    This opening for BUILD was just grand.  Glad you wrote the music for the show Jordan.

  • Keynote

    @mohit : According to him, things look bad immediately because of "low" resolution.   All, consider  this opinion instead:


  • Inside Windows Phone#21 - get ready for mango

    A good clip.

    A little misleading at the beginning.   Jaime talked about the 7712 release and that there was another drop coming, but he is confusing the phone software and the SDK.   The SDK RC came a few days ago, and I was told there is no dev version after 7712.   After that, the next step is production Mango.  As I understand it, devs have to restore their phone backup using Zune and then Zune will tell them that there is an update available.

    Now, all we have to do is to cut though the carrier red tape that left NoDo "testing" for a month or more, and we'll be doing well.  I for one am hoping for production Mango (with some updated drivers for my LG Quantum) in October or earlier.

    @joebelfiore, are you listening?  Thanks!

  • Inside Windows Phone#17- Search Extras

    Search extras == cool!

    I hope I get some time soon to start playing more with WP7.   Right now, "real" work is overloaded.


  • Windows Phone "Mango" Developer Tools Release

    I hate to be a complianer.  I treid to play this video, and i've tried the Brandon Watson developer video.   Each of them stop it 2 or 3 minutes and I can't get them to play any further.

    I don't think it is my fault.  Other videos on other sites are working. 

    Thanks for looking into it.


  • Windows Phone "Mango" Developer Tools Release

    @aL_ I think they are (rightly) worried about getting the user experience destroyed by opening things up too much, too fast, and as a user/developer of both WP7 and WP6, I think they are right.  WP6 was frought with all sorts of well meaning apps and hooks that either killed the responsiveness or battery or both, and A---nd000d is the same way.

    If an app were to be able to get integrated into a hub as you suggest (or as I think you're suggesting), the user experience would not be the same on all phones -- something that MS has time and time again tried to point out that they -- unlike some other googggly interfaces -- will do.

    If you're looking for a totally open platform like some of the other guys, then WP7 is not for you.  If you're looking for a strong, stable platform, with features like no other, with dedicated developers and users, LOOK no further.

    @clody, note that these are "Beta" tools.  They are not final.  I myself was capable of driving the emulator Bing turn by turn directions using the GPS input from the tools, so that's pretty good, but if you have a better tool, no one is forcing you to use the built-in GPS tester.

    Enjoy Windows Phone 7



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