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xgamer xgamer Two Sides to Everything
  • So, is Surface RT a failure yet?

    , vesuvius wrote

    @xgamer: WinRT was created  because of the bloated nature of .NET and Windows as a whole, watch this video http://channel9.msdn.com/Blogs/Charles/Inside-Windows-8-Martyn-Lovell-and-Elliot-H-Omiya-The-Windows-Runtime

    Microsoft also choose this so they could lock people into using the Windows App store, that is why no resources hitherto have been spent

    @versuvius Thanks for pointing to a great video. Though I had not watched that video, I had read a few articles explaining that tried ( not in so much detail  but somewhat similar) explaining the need for Window RT.

    I am all for Windows RT for Windows App store and eventual move of most applications including desktop to Windows Touch based products ( as I mentioned in my original post ).

    What I fail to understand, why Microsoft did not try to port .Net and its runtime to ARM/Windows RT, when as they mentioned in the video itself, there is/was a very dedicated developer eco-system around managed development and MS spent a lot of 2000s promoting it. I can understand difficulty of making low-level x86(com/c/c++ etc) apps compatible in totally different CPU architecture, but .Net was managed and the advantage it carried was that it was base-architecture agnostic.

    So instead of having Surface RT - which as per the normal retail sales agent/normal user a Windows which does not run anything from windows though it has desktop, it atleast could have been a Windows that ran "newer" managed applications and would have been attractive to business users. 

    Microsoft could have saved millions from "re-imagining" their apps to run on long-battery life, energy efficient  "Windows" device . (Here I agree with many LOB  and even consumer facing applications developers, that not many businesses including in SME/large sector  re-imagine their applications every time a new OS version arrives). 

  • So, is Surface RT a failure yet?

    Can any of the Niners or MS people lurking on Channel9 point out the technical difficulties in porting .Net on Windows RT?

    I have read/heard stuff such as WinRT was supposed to be subset of .Net which was created so that dependency on  Win32/x86 can be removed.

    I am all for WinRTs existence of Metro apps which are controlled apps just like in iOS with very limited file access or across app access.

    However what I fail to understand is if the desktop was made available for users on RT, what were the technical difficulties in making managed code runtimes available on RT.

    I am very sure its not win32 cos when a bunch of enthusiastic team of developers can port .net to linux and macos, I am sure microsoft has resources to port .net to arm/winrt. 

    So is this is a technical limitation or marketing / principaled decision ?


  • RIP - Douglas Engelbart inventor of mouse and a visionary

    Just read news that inventor of mouse and one of the original visionaries of networked PC style computing is no more with us


    I clearly remember one of the videos done by original channel 9 team with him.


    Rest in Peace

  • So I'm flying to Seattle next week...

    Wishing you all the best ...

    Good to know that atleast some from that little company are reading the threads here ...

  • Congratulat​ions, Dr. Groot!!

    Congrats Sven .. Its time someone alerted MSR or Microsoft HR team...  before he is gobbled by Googplex or Infinite loop.

  • How to Upgrade from Win 7 to Win 8?

    I havent tried upgrading from windows 7 home to win 8 ultimate, but have tried vista home to win 7 ultimate and win7 to win 8 upgrades all of which migrate the installed programs to new OS.

    If you have a lot of programs installed the process takes a lot of time ( hours...somebody even reported 20 hours in one of the forums). The upgrade process nornally gives a compatibility report in advance and is useful in most scenarios.

    Before upgrade try to install the latest BIOS and driver versions on the old OS as it is one of the problems faced during the upgrade.

    Hope this helps.


  • A very cool tour of ISS

    Thanks for the info...

    looking at other videos i also found that they are using Windows XP on atleast few of those machines ...  

    Checkout  http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=RmqPfLWe8G0#t=32s

    I Wonder they ever get updated... and are still running IE6  Smiley

  • A very cool tour of ISS

    NASA Astronaut Sunita Williams giving a tour of ISS and Russian space transporter module...a bit long (25 mins)...but really cool video especially if you are into space stuff...

    Also good to see all docked floating PC laptops ( IBM thinkpads i suppose from their trackpad design) ....wonder what OS they are running...

    Enjoy the video  ...


  • Firefoxs 3D Rendered DOM Inspector

    Though for most of my browsing I use Chrome and IE 10... for some compatibility testing I checked the latest version of Firefox and was amazed by their 3D Rendering Inspector.

    Though at first impression it may look like a gimmicky feature .. i think it will save a lot developers time while adjusting and understanding various CSS attributes ..

    With WinRT .. hoping VS 11 or IE 10 will incorporate such feature ...

    Channel 9 in 3D Rendered Inspector


  • Finally, I can browse WP7 apps in a browser

    I am happy for my 0.000000000000005% contribution in suggesting this feature ...  Wink