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  • Levy and Griver - Why not complete ​transparenc​y?

    I think you've maybe missed the Pink Elephant in the room. the transparency that would help most developers is the API, even the beaurocrats in the EU seem to grasp this singular point, sure some MBA will say that having hidden APIs for your own apps is a competitive advantage, the rest of the IT world looks at it and bells sound and people start exploring other software solutions, sure maybe you maximise some short term gains, but do you want to risk the medium and long term future of the corp?

  • Bill Hill: Homo sapiens 1.0 - The world's most important operating system

    I concur wholeheartedly, unfortunately it seems many of our species seem to be working with an old alpha version of the software, see KnowledgeBase Article #0001 Why my human is not responsive, shows lack of clear and critical thinking, and is unable to complete simple problem solving tasks. If you want to build a better OS you need to start with either a) a better human to start interacting with it (the Unix approach) or b) an OS that can adapt in a heuristic manner to the user. Sadly right now Windows only seems to adapt to the whims of virus writers and hackers and not Joe User, I'm sure given time some clever person, probably in his garage right now under the dim illumination of his monitor will solve the problem and Bill G can buy him out / (unnamed other business tactics) before he IPOs.