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  • endpoint.tv Screencast - Hosting WCF Services in IIS

    Fine. now i have learnt to create and using services from previous and this tutorial...

    But In this tutorial also you have taught to add values and get values by using WebClientTest tool...

    I would like to know how to do such operations in programmatic way like;

    I want my website to add some strings to COMMENTS and SUBMITTER when I click a button on my web page

    After that I want to receive those data into my c# desktop application  by the get() method in the service running under IIS

    I know I should create a Channel for this, but I'm new to WCF and my mind is totally blank about this....

    So is there any guy whos willing to help me? I have googled alot for such a tut, but i was unable to find...So please help me