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  • Keynote: Blink and you'll miss it

    video's not working, only audio - is it just me?

  • Visual Studio Toolbox: Visual Studio 11 Beta with Jason Zander

    I was dismayed to see this "Metro-fication" of what will be a "desktop" app even with W8, but I was REALLY dissappointed to see it presented as "something that developers have been asking for". I don't believe that this is true & it really concerns me that MS is not only forcing us to go in a direction that suits THEIR grand plans, but is trying to convince us that we actually asked for it. Big loss of trust here guys!

    VS is NOT suitable as a Metro app, & the attempt to make it "fit in" with the metro style, just so everything "looks" the same, is a big mistake (& I'm relieved to see that many others feel the same way, not just me). Just imagine the furor if this was done to Office. What about all the "studies" that indicated that a ribbon interface was better than menus & toolbars? They now seem to be contradicted by this timewarp back to the B&W of a bygone era. I would not have been surpised to see VS get a ribbon (I was kind of expecting being pushed that way - not sure how I'd feel about it, but it would have to be better than this greyscale nightmare).

    At the VERY least, the beta should have retained VS 2010 look & feel, with an OPTIONAL "new" look & feel. Then developers could have chosen which they preferred. I'm sure there'd be a lot less "hatred" going on if it hadn't been forced on us like it has. This is an environment that developers are using all day, such a radical, forced change does not help productivity.

    I'm mostly concerned that this has not been done to enhance our development experience, nor at out request, this has been done to attempt to make VS adhere to the tennets of the new Metro style. It may be appropriate for a phone OS, but I don't agree that VS should go the same way.

    There is WAY more I could say about this, but I feel like I've already said enough (if not too much).