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  • Visual Basic Intellisense Improvements in VS 2008

    rhm wrote:
    As for keyword completion... the keywords are not that long to type and how bad a programmer would you have to be to not remember the keywords for your language of choice? The help-tips are nice for beginners as well, but I hope there's a way to turn them off.

    You might be right. But if what if you are using different CLR based languages at the same time. You may forget some keyword of each language at any time. For instance I am using C++, VB.NET and C# on different projects. When I use C# for a long time, I can confuse on VB.NET. As this, some time you can confuse while declaring code snippets. Please take a look at property definition on C# and VB.NET they not equal and might be confusing Wink. That does not shows that you are a bad programmer but shows that you are a human, not a machine Wink. VS Team makes machine to help people I think this is cool...