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  • TechNet Radio: Heroes Happen Here Launch in Seattle Part Two

    Where to see today's anti-Open Source business?

    Microsoft ever looked at anti-Open Source business model, but didn’t compete coincidentally with that different software licensing business model. Today's Open Source projects may meet Microsoft solutions with Open Source at Microsoft. With regarding to software marketplace withstanding solicited marketing conditions of MIXture between Open Source and anti-Open Source. Since Open Source classified software business solutions in which Microsoft may have the title of Express products, marketing psychology stopped looking up differentiated business position of Open Source where opposed Microsoft software business licensing model.

    How much Open Source business?

    From IT financial viewpoints, software assets became part of hardware equipments and services. For instance in Japan industry 2005, 601 companies expensed $1.22bi for hardware equipments while 560 companies did $0.57bi for software assets in telecommunication business category. A statistical analyst of Japan government services issued that software assets could earn only ~2%, and particularly more by selling as part of hardware equipments and services in major computer companies. Under short volume of investment to magnifying software business looked down, beside industrial behavior chose services including software atop SOA Interoperability. Unlike big software company Microsoft, the world leaders even denied sustainable software business without hardware services.

    Creating Business Partnership outside Developers Partnership?

    Conservative consideration of business creators might direct to shrink business opportunities of consumer model licensing software companies where Microsoft marketing occupies. Most of world business leaders might mislead and downturned industrial value of software business in advance to services centric government and industrial business relationships underneath major IT companies. It appeared for surpass Microsoft business practices to survive along marketing conception of software plus services virtual business development and programs management beside relatively weak IT industrial growth. Microsoft consequently did upturn sales performance in 2007, in reverse majority of Open Source software business did turndown under less revenue generating business management method of Open Source control for hardware assets.

    The fact is value of whole product solution is cheep in Microsoft partnering business, and Open Source industry leaders may choose services value with open connectivity involving Microsoft lobbying acts.

    Hero or new legendary software companies may not arise after Google and Yahoo. IT leading companies should have sustainable market and solution structures to take positive risks of software business investments. Don’t mislead educate of software marketplace where only product prices dace under investors relationships
  • Abolade Gbadegesin: Live Mesh Architecture

    Where are Windows Live connected experiences in Windows Live Mesh?

    Given functional paradigm to picturesque data synchronization business appears to stack another layer for data replication manager through Windows Live connection. For connected Live user experiences in difference capacity of computing devices, such data centric consumption may be worth where Windows Live version of data replication manager takes care of. That functions make certain of another developing live business scene of intelligent data transfer services which Windows Server has proposed by expanding typical use of HTTP download applications, and most of educated users may feel like to find what's different from synchronization interfaces of today's mobility has.

    How could you enable Windows connected data consumption atop services blocks of Windows Live, but offline? Device solutions have supplied rich data synchronization functions around carrier business drivers. Generally consuming Web Services means to make forward or rollback transactions on workflows on network identified resources. 2008/Q2 industry has invested leading telecommunication companies to adopt such SOA enabling solution, and it should ease of data consumption on Internet.

  • TechNet Radio: Heroes Happen Here Launch in Seattle

    What's Windows Virtualization business performance?

    Let's liquidate Microsoft cultural talks about virtualization from viewpoint of enterprise marketplace to SMB. Not all of commercial talks for virtualization bring nearly equals to what mainframe scale computing has demonstration of "thousands of instant L series system elements in Z massive computing set" for some 2 partnership years. IBM PR introduced a mainframe project which bought "management cost become lower". Windows Virtualization is enterprise, but actually in different performance scale from mainframe products.

    Windows enterprise server marketplace may ask for how system management could be different. Are there easier way to optimize resources allocation in server administration with Hyper-V? For example, typical deployment of enterprise search products estimates numerous server boxes and disk spaces for each of document feeding, indexing and querying. Today’s virtual PC solutions compose such machine deployment resources in single desktop environment for product solutions development and testing purpose. However that virtualization doesn’t mean virtualization-enabled business management and cost saving of virtual systems at all, and enterprise system may still stay in enterprise deployment scenarios.

    Even uprising SMB marketplace may want Windows Virtualization under strong pressure of financial cost control. An easy answer to SMB business forces is value of richer computing power beyond instant boxes management, lower power consumption, and smaller management efforts. Evangelists may tell "Buy 1 box and supply 4 times cost efficiency S+S with Hyper-V blueprint".

    I'd like to overstate that Windows Virtualization doesn't have true business value without virtualization-enabling Windows Management behind enterprise IT industrial scenes.

  • Dan Reed: On the ManyCore Future and Parallelism in the Sky

    Differentiating computing unit scale in new decade of Wintel?

    Microsoft has server specific core parallel computing. In other words, Microsoft is developing high scale computing area of mainframe computer architecture, with Intel. Mainframe computers have value differentiation of multi-processors management, and Microsoft has multi-cores management. System buyers may guess past long decade of large scale mainframe versus small scale personal computing.
    Innovative processors development is in different side of hardware business, and given development point is how intelligent software solution may add generic values to multi-processor units under Windows resource management. Let's evaluate how Windows became bigger beside mainframe computers.

  • Shannon Posniewski: SQL Considered Harmful for MMO's

    Beyond Theory of Database System

    For Microsoft Game development partners, advancing security solution of SQL Server 2008 must make Game developers business safe and stable because of its nature of "security by design". Theory behind relational database management has common context of developers knowledge, and advancing storage management takes implicit security solution of storage managers. Don't find logical advantages of database product, and get rid of business development practices of database in gaming industry.

    Feed to Gaming Industory from what Microsoft learned from SQL Server Database Business

    A question may pinpoint lengthy of "SQL Server database applications development cost, performance, security with comparison of other database platforms." Game developers industry may take risks with advancing development platform upon SQL Server 2008 security solutions. Let's support gaming industry with proper training investment of securing SQL Server product design.

  • Andy Ayers: ​Understandi​ng the Phoenix Compiler Framework

    Develop marketplace for embarking parallel computing in real business scenes, build parallel process enabling compiler business likewise Microsoft sold Visual Basic for computer beginner’s to PC worldwide. Catchy Microsoft business message might be "eco friendly parallel computing starts from Microsoft platforms compiler technology"

  • A Tour Through ​Crystal​Tech's Data Center

    Want Africa brand ISP and ASP upon advancing branch office management capability of Windows Server 2008

    Is it possible for Africa to manage such ISP centers? Sun has introduced wagon style containers of computer equipments; and African drivers may catch business opportunities of ISP business suppliers to world. Low cost dependency of ISP in Africa brand might be the best development practices to raise awareness of ISP business capabilities to global from region.

  • Dev Diary for April 15th

    OpenID has what Channel 9 concerns in subject of threat controls on Internet security. Identity management is long term efforts which business groups expend for building Internet communication, and OpenID is a model of an authentication application provider.

    Could you mind to surpass Live ID authentication services under Phishing controls with care of customer education for rest of Internet people? Your advancing developers say benefits Microsoft Live Web services consumers, and moreover industrial security training for rest of billions Internet business developers. Microsoft is a consumer of OpenID, and being wise with given subject of Live ID authentication.

  • TechNet Radio: SQL 2008 Part 1 of 2: Security and Availability

    Set business domain to compete

    Having any idea to expand business domain of database solutions for SQL Server development partners? SQL Server Transparent Data Encryption may vibrate demands to security solutions in data storage industry. Security functions of business data encryption/ decryption is product value where to set price of data encryption/ decryption. Security vendors don’t have generic data protection functions for database storages, and it’s necessary for SQL Server to protect database stores in the way of SQL Server security solutions.

    Only the security solution supplier for the Database System

    Data encryption/ decryption is security business value where Security vendors cannot reach. For demanding security industry growth of health, the SQL Server team should educate security solution adoption to security marketplace. Raise value of SQL Server security solutions by maximizing product education of Transparent Data Encryption. Steal security business domain from SQL Server industrial development.

  • Dave Campbell: SQL Server Data Services and the Future of Data in the Cloud

    Recognizable a situation of data access transparency

    With flexible SQL Server synchronization interfaces, storage location and scale matters might be resolved by database administration and deployment scenarios. Today's system analysts should hope for administrative import/ restore and export/ backup of data independently from scale of storage services. Valued business system has total product solution of secure and procedural storage management beside Windows system interfaces.

    How could Microsoft cloud services replace today's data transfer solution along virtual business on Internet? Is only unique pricing value of SDSS?

  • Istvan Cseri and Nigel Ellis: SQL Server Data Services Architecture

    From architectural footprint, what about removable medias? Microsoft attempts to extend I/O design of removable media specifications, and a proactive Windows group is supposed to investigate I/O management biased by removable media interfaces going into open industrial standards.

    • Ideally sales volume and business interfaces of removable media lead conception of lifeline in consumer segment, in which personal and collaboration computing live. SQL Server mobile has scale infinity in a scenario, so what about mobility on removable media?
    • Ironical S+S implementation may supply vary software controls without virtual business development in marketplace, and the software architects of Microsoft should have to come at value added S+S which means SQL Server and Windows differentiation of technical marketing survival.

    Mobile device may have connected functions for Data Services, what so? Being not innovative part of Data access, but business performer may demand cheap and intelligent device software.

  • Sean O'Driscoll: General Manager for Community Support and the MVP Program

    For Microsoft supervising market organizations, community interfaces have direct channels to customers. Microsoft programs are attentive to primitive network resources for education of marketplace, and valuable partners programs undertake value added organization development.

    Even Microsoft has 4,000 of MVPs worldwide, position of organization might be misled in term of community and business performance. Q is amount of community values in real business networks, M is controlled variable of Microsoft own direct channel, and P is uncontrolled variable of Partnering channel. p means efficiency of communication in real business marketplace.

    Q = M + P
    p = P / M

    Sean, how much do partnering channels rally partner's community resources? Wherever Microsoft worldwide business meat business partners, partnering sub-networks under Microsoft networks development should be worth index community price and position.
    p means weight of Microsoft networking empowerment.

    HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW introduced such global business networks management, when I stepped in global business management programs in a multi-national security company in practice. For references, I cited in a way of mathematical expression which appears in context of dynamics.