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Yoshihiro Masuda ymasuda_ ymasuda_
  • Istvan Cseri and Nigel Ellis: SQL Server Data Services Architecture

    From architectural footprint, what about removable medias? Microsoft attempts to extend I/O design of removable media specifications, and a proactive Windows group is supposed to investigate I/O management biased by removable media interfaces going into open industrial standards.

    • Ideally sales volume and business interfaces of removable media lead conception of lifeline in consumer segment, in which personal and collaboration computing live. SQL Server mobile has scale infinity in a scenario, so what about mobility on removable media?
    • Ironical S+S implementation may supply vary software controls without virtual business development in marketplace, and the software architects of Microsoft should have to come at value added S+S which means SQL Server and Windows differentiation of technical marketing survival.

    Mobile device may have connected functions for Data Services, what so? Being not innovative part of Data access, but business performer may demand cheap and intelligent device software.

  • Sean O'Driscoll: General Manager for Community Support and the MVP Program

    For Microsoft supervising market organizations, community interfaces have direct channels to customers. Microsoft programs are attentive to primitive network resources for education of marketplace, and valuable partners programs undertake value added organization development.

    Even Microsoft has 4,000 of MVPs worldwide, position of organization might be misled in term of community and business performance. Q is amount of community values in real business networks, M is controlled variable of Microsoft own direct channel, and P is uncontrolled variable of Partnering channel. p means efficiency of communication in real business marketplace.

    Q = M + P
    p = P / M

    Sean, how much do partnering channels rally partner's community resources? Wherever Microsoft worldwide business meat business partners, partnering sub-networks under Microsoft networks development should be worth index community price and position.
    p means weight of Microsoft networking empowerment.

    HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW introduced such global business networks management, when I stepped in global business management programs in a multi-national security company in practice. For references, I cited in a way of mathematical expression which appears in context of dynamics.

  • Ted Neward: On Java and .NET, Software Academics versus Practioners, General Purpose Programming Languages

    Ted's presenting topics with regarding to today’s computing language is openness of declaration and behavior.

    On the one hand ideas of Windows platform development has any .NET languages which accommodate forms, communication and business rules. On the other hand advancing behavior of .NET languages may alter language expressions.
    As Microsoft Developer Network delivers blueprints to build set of development practices, Architects should probe truly categorized computing topics, which mean to avoid kind of “development practice for development practices”.

  • Giles Thomas: ResolverOne, Combining a Spreadsheet with a Programming Language

    Not being compond document, but how different?

    That Python language speaking spreadsheet acquires static automation codes for complex work stacks, and dynamic language codes looks after simple work areas. May application having dynamic language nature meet needs of spreadsheet functions less costly? How much and where does dynamic language application benefit in subject of financial application development in the case of Resolver One? Whereas developers prefer Python, Resolver One solution providers may purchase more function points than simple construction of Python functions.

    For instance, XForm has influenced XML conformant application designs and it has more productive module development nature based on XForm submit controls. XForm clients may act as SOAP originators and communicate with flexible SOAP actors. That solution comparison means to tell that business practice led by present dynamic language nature might be costly, and more competitive networking spreadsheet solutions of standards should be extensible.

    What could be expected application designs truly for dynamic language runtime? Composition is major architectural subject in Office business application development. Is combining nature capable to meet composition for today's Office System solutions? Interestingly, is this project trying to evangelize partners with such architectural blueprints for .NET developers expectedly without loosing development business?

  • Brian Beckman: Project Quark - A New Beginning for Quantum Computing Rises from the Ashes of Theoret

    Commercial application areas of quantum computing sustain radical development focuses from long term business investment upon computer science. Followings got reportedly investor's research relations in subjects of quantum application development, and it's not all about modernized computing and Microsoft platforms.

    • Energy output based random number generation (TOSHIBA)
    • Advancing long distance communication of fiber channel development (NTT)
    • Position energy analysis of atom level movement (IBM)
    • Consumer business vision of computing "inside" fly (Intel)

    Quantum computing would have to be new area unlike traditional computing category of software and hardware, since it means more business controls than today's electric devices. For example, flying birds may supply less moving energy and scale independent real-time characteristic communication with databases in broader satellite stations to analyze weather and warming conditions. For advancing medical computing areas, sensor equipments might be replaced by the smallest scale of quantum computing controls. Not all of mobility systems carry sets of human interfaces, but consumer segment may see what Windows Mobile enables as total solution. Do investors yet feel bid to future ICT centric economics in references to future mobility systems and more applications? Try to meet Microsoft quantum computing making differences, not tons of computer physics.

  • This Week on Channel 9: April 4th Episode

    Finding where robust interfaces of video communication and accessibility are

    CNET users learned how even amateur video loggers are able to make most of advancing video editing functions in simple manners. As that software possibility customary introducing, hundreds of home computing developers may feel where MSDN channels live with fun of video publicity. Challenging CNET TV educated how to uncover possibilities of video logging from viewpoint of home consumers.

    An instance of symbolic inquiries might call custom attention of "MSDN Channel 9 periodical censorship seems old fashioned device communications which invested methods of analogue recording likewise TV box sounds beside living space. Media engineers prefer to make use of highly invested digital editing to produce spaces and sounds. Windows is responsible for media business frontend runners to support, and endeavors Internet media communication including IPTV. How does MSDN Channel 9 produce MSDN developers with today's video making?"

    Video publishing sites in TV stations demonstrate to meet Internet virtual business, and then new media business takes proactively hugely invested business opportunities in the subject of digital media communication. TV development business stepped in Internet development business relationships. From viewpoint of developers and Microsoft media business intelligence, MSDN should become the experimental location to fulfill gap of media business interfaces from today's publishing culture. Check how Microsoft media partners communicates in long running industry, and think about difficulty of business dynamics from MSDN Channel 9 end points. That prepared small station of MSNBC Video should be what Microsoft demonstrated under differentiated media partnerships.

  • Sean Shypula and Luis Villegas: Life on the Bungie Farm: Fun Things to do with 180 Servers

    Business Interfaces
    For practical business analysis where is bound permanently to save development cost for relatively slow gaming industry growth, Microsoft Game developers demand pattern and practices of "play" but not system design. In order to retain fertile investor relationship from technical backyard and bank system, arising XNA investment point may last what gaming industry acquires for truly evaluated competition.
    Like IBM mainframe computing reaches gaming industry in order to build up successful business story attractively, even gaming business interfaces may reduce development risk by more valued development environments. That means gaming industry may run against software more than computing chip sellers relation.

    Technology Interfaces
    Not all of game developers are technical innovator; however that developer's interview may compile pattern of data consumers in higher performance gaming industry. Logical Data services centered real-time data analysis is demanding area, and computing dynamics might be realized by gaming industry when commercial vision of the 1st XNA release asked for academic approach in the subject of real-world analysis.

    Hopefully Microsoft needs to meet cost reasonable development environment where developer's business demands, and business value of data management services. Expectedly gaming industry is not going to accuse XNA platform to provision what data services provide as benefits. More business classes may unfold Internet connected data services to accelerate gaming business performance, which means mostly cut of development resources, beyond comprehension of today’s gaming industry.

  • Shawn Richardson: A winding road to Software Security

    Shawn may estimate economic impacts of security software functions, and dig into where Windows security solution development value and quality make changes to arise business performance. Could you mind how much has Software Security expend for global marketplace?

    "Most costry Internet developing nation has an assumption of spam mail to Japan companies impacts 0.7bi USD/year, ISP investment 0.3bi USD/year and business and government investment 0.5bi USD/year"

  • Better Project Management with Team Foundation Server

    Discovering richness of project analysis functions in reference to Visual Studio team management interfaces. Office System shall differentiate effectiveness of visual impact on analysis views too, and then I have interests to where Server capability provides to managing team human interfaces. Not being Microsoft Project Server, and commonplace of project management arives at VS IDE.

    What to do for better project management with VS Server capability? Century of industrial engineering tells demanding business management solution is yet to meet management factor of engineering business. More work activity tracking, time to resource management and auditing check method are implicit requirements of major industrial portions. What about workflow management as part of team management with Server?

  • Douglas Crockford, Alex Russell and Joseph Smarr: On the Past, Present and Future of JavaScript

    As engineering popularity of JavaScript met the 2nd chance from AJAX and that industrially dedicated standard efforts, Java computing industory is obliged more to invest for assets.

    One of cautious terms in given subject of JavaScript development survival is that JavaScript processor has been hailing more investment groups as much as industry promotes AJAX processing capability. In other word, industrial solution might compensate Java development business assets beyond foudemental JavaScript and AJAX integration. To be frank with JavaScript, AJAX stays in focus of standard and more industrial investments. That seems to be different business trend from other popular languages.

    Designers of Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR) may considerably demand asynchronous processing pipeline of languages to tackle AJAX like activity focused processing mode..