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Yoshihiro Masuda ymasuda_ ymasuda_
  • John Lam and Martin Maly: Deep DLR

    What if it has the name of Dynamic Language Converter as .NET languages have lasted efforts of conversion tools? It's supposed to be a little risky to drive developers marketplace without real business interfaces of applications deployment scopes.
    With comparison of .NET language converter, how does that DLR compliant definition including actions and invocation infrastructure save cost and performance?

    Windows industry have presumably invested the first decade of Windows application runtimes which proved further language neutral and object oriented system. Long history of OLE software asset has following characteristics.

    • Extensibility of data types in type library
    • Dynamic method dispatching through v-table

    Web Services architecture and unfolding W3C XML activity related standards might propose such flexible runtime design. Also given subject of runtime invocation system is somewhat neural network and fuzzy software method to solve, but not seeing outright answers and industrial references.

  • Joe Duffy and Igor Ostrovsky: Parallel LINQ under the hood

    Despite difficult theme of parallel algorithm computing, this talk delivered developers friendly knowledge of parallel data management. Supercomputing database language parsers and engines may have this I/O capability, and .NET languages are bound to constitute parallel processing algorithms. For developers business investment, given Parallel language and processors should have to expose extensibility points where .NET developers consider .NET Remoting and Web Services as an area of distributed computing and extensible execution stack to include parallel.

    Likewise Windows kernel level thread context management, PLINQ may supply fine granular data access management for managed Threads, on the other hand Windows Clustering and Virtualization may take up supervisor on clustering nodes, and Web Farm and Data Grid may do load balancer similarly.

    Development partners should be thankful for fine logical explanation of new ideas PLINQ.