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  • Unity and the Kinect SDK



    I was reading in the file KinectSensor.cs 

    // The MSR Kinect DLL (native code) is going to load into the Unity process and stay resident even between debug runs of the game.
    // So our component must be resilient to starting up on a second run when the Kinect DLL is already loaded and
    // perhaps even left in a running state. Kinect does not appear to like having NuiInitialize called when it is already initialized as
    // it messes up the internal state and stops functioning. It is resilient to having Shutdown called right before initializing even if it
    // hasn't been initialized yet. So calling this first puts us in a good state on a first or second run.
    // However, calling NuiShutdown before starting prevents the image streams from being read, so if you want to use image data
    // (either depth or RGB), comment this line out.


    I don't know if there is solve for this problem, I am now investigating more. The group is a good idea.

    Anyone know how to contact the developers of the wrapper?

    a greeting


  • Unity and the Kinect SDK


    sorry I had not read this post.

    Thanks Niranjan, it is true that by changing the path works but I have a problem, thefirst run and it starts but the second time Unity3D dies and does not respond,does  someone this happen?

  • Unity and the Kinect SDK


    if the idea is interesting but I don't know to get the name of the class

    for example

    [DllImportAttribute (@ "C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Microsoft Research KinectSDK \MSRKINECTNUI.DLL", EntryPoint = "NuiInitialize")]
    public static extern int NuiInitialize (NuiInitializeFlags dwFlags);

    This version does not get the EntryPoint or method names, you know? or the class KinectSensor?

    for example (this doesn't  work)
    [DllImportAttribute (@ "C: \ Program Files \ Microsoft SDKs \ Kinect \ v1.0 \ Assemblies \ Microsoft.Kinect.dll", EntryPoint = "Start")]
    public static extern int Start ();

  • Unity and the Kinect SDK


    I think it's the beta version because it tries to access:
    C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Microsoft Research KinectSDK \ MSRKINECTNUI.DLL