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  • A Quick Look At "Windows 8"

    , bystander wrote

    We are not  Windows developers because we love Windows. We put up with Windows so we can use C#, F# and VS2010.  I've considered changing the platform many times. What stops me each time is the goodness that keeps coming from devdiv.  LINQ, Rx, TPL, async  - these are the reasons I'm still on Windows. I don't want stinking javascript to become my development platform. I'd rather do Android and Java.


    Well said, I can sign this as my own words...

    HTML5/JS trumpeting will lead to a creep of mediocre apps into Win 8 - all this while iOS will thrive on gradually improving native objective c apps.

  • Programming Streams of Coincidence with Join and GroupJoin for Rx

    Beautiful. I've read the name of the topic first as "Programming streams of Consciousness" Wink