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  • Scoble: Exit Stage Left

    NOTE: c9 webforms dont seem to parse text very well: they dont recognize implicit para=CRLF nor do they recognize explicit html tags

    ...... annoying to submit ONE BIG BLOCK OF TEXT -- what's wrong with you guys: even your websites are broken!!! -------------- i'm new to mr.scoble's gig (i watched about 40 of the videos over the long weekend!). And as an avowed 'hostile' of microsoft, i must say that scoble forced me to have an open mind. So that's an accomplishment, i think! yes, some interviews (by him and some by others) were totally lame (because the guest had nothing to say); and some were a bit fawning (not asking the obvious questions). but i was just as often impressed as i was nonplussed: the new vista heap manager; avalon -finally put in perspective by wallent; the os/2|cairo back-story (Zbikowski was poignant and sometimes painfully honesty); even the WIN CE enabled fridge (a blatantly self-conscious stunt just to promote a tool) -- scoble me interested enough to go and look at the other interviews on c9. however, one of the most telling signs was in the exit interview: his son's comments: each time the question of what it was that captured the imagination, scoble's son was very clear about where the momentum is going: apple. I think it was great that his son was there to give his dad a reality-check! ---- the acorn does not fall from the tree (after all, that's been his dad's job at C9). but the fact that scoble (still) thinks that the reason for the ipod's success is 'fashion' (as opposed to function) suggests that he still doesn't "get it". What's wrong with microsoft is NOT that it has superior engineering products that are somehow under-marketed (LOL) - rather just the opposite! Microsoft has a has long sad history of shipping product that is mediocre or worse & then using hype (when not abusing its market-power!) to shamelessly shill terribly awful junk that is either 2nd-rate or else a poor derivative. The ipod (or any other well-designed product -- which is the broader point that i think scoble misses) is about a commitment to excellence; the exquisite beauty of seeing every intricate detail incorporated into a coherent, harmonious whole. That simply is not part of the microsoft gestalt (though it must be said to bill gate's credit: if at first he fails, he tries tries tries again - even if it takes 10 or 15 years to get it right. Almost no other company in the world is so unafraid of failure!) nonetheless, the fact that scoble has been out there -- showing how vista might represent the first credible attempt by microsoft top produce a serious OS (cairo & taligent died en route; nextstep survived to become os/x) -- has been a real treat. He let the guys speak for themselves (even if there were a few too many program managers & not enough architects & coders) ... and he did this without beating us over the head with the normal parade of lies (one part dissimulation, and two parts dissembling) that the microsoft PR machine (and its minions in the trade press) normally inflict upon us. that is a real accomplishment: to open up closed minds of people like us who thought that microsoft was a incorrigible reprobate; a corporate recidivist that had not learnt any lessons despite being convicted of cyber crimes in nearly every court around the world; that had neither atoned nor been properly punished for its atavistic behavior (eg: broken up + heavily fined for both the opportunity cost of all the innovation it prevented, as well as the external cost that all of its crashing/malware had inflicted on its customers). a job is like mr. scobble's is really hard to do: how to be an apologist (in the best sense of the word) without being a syncophant. When the next american president is thinking about a White House Press Secretary, robert scoble's name should make the short list! Defnding the undefendable is a tough gig. For people in this part of the audience -- from the skeptics to the outright hostiles -- scoble provided us with clubable entertainment, even if not always deep insight. Not quite fanboy but also not quite sage. That may sound like being damed with faint praise, but it's not. It's real appreciation for his sincerity & (perhaps most of all) for having a sense of humour. cheers: zahadum

  • Workflow Between Expression Interactive Designer and Graphic Designer

    what is this screencast format & why is channel9 not using a standard mpeg4/isma format? very annoying that on a COMMUNICATION platform (c9) that ms cant even manage to do the basics correctly. surprise?!?
  • Peer To Peer in Windows Vista

    why doesnt anyone do QA on these videos? try using quicktime for windows instead!
  • How-to: Query Vista Search From Your App

    this video file is corrupted. it starts choppy & then stalls. why? maybe C9 should be using a standard format like
  • Vista Speech Recognition

    mms:// ------ why can't channel9 podcast this stuff on apple's itunes is a myestery to all of us? Smiley ........ i get an error messege from wimp that says codec not supported! -------- i have wimp ver 9 installed .... Get Info says: ------- * chris: henley (cool tech live) ................. * audio: ver 9.1 (32kbps/44khz/mono/1-pass/vbr) ........... * video: ver 9 "screen" ............. i am not sure what 'screen' means. ----------- the least you could do is use a standard format like mpeg4/h.264! ---------- why cant microsoft join! ------------- the office group is having to fight tooth & nail to be dragged into full/open xml compliance; the media group also seems to think it can impose inferior/proprietary standards. ----------- why do things never change at redmond? -------------- why doesnt this crazy textfield accept CR/LF?!!!