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  • Zoe Goldring and Gretchen Ledgard - What is it like to interview at Microsoft?

    Hi Zoe and Gretchen!

    I am not sure about US, but this is what happened to me in UK. I got a telephone call from a recruiter from MS, incidentally I was looking after my two kids [ages 2 and 1] at that time and couldn't properly speak to the person at the other end. The fact that i had kids with me and due to them i couldn't speak to the recruiter as i should have turned him off. My attempt at speaking at a later date were not met with much enthusiasm. Needless to say i never heard anything back.

    My point is, when you guys make the first phone call, is it expected that the people at the other side will be all ready to recieve the phone call especially when no prior notification of the phone call has been made [this leads me not to believe the smart casual dress policy, more like formal and ever ready].

    Second thing is that Zoe in the video said that Recruiters at MS are trained in some manner not to make first minute judgements. If this is so then why wasn't my attempt to redo the whole phone thing taken seriously. I mean at the end of the day if the guy recruiting can't understand the basic of things how can they make decisions as to who is fit for a certain technical role or not?

    i am not holding a grudge, just wanted to voice my opinion and say that not everything is how it seems to be.

    Take care