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  • Omar Shahine and team - New Hotmail ​"​Kahuna"

    BenZila wrote:
    AboutBlackBerry.Net wrote:

    *forgive me*
    But isn't this just inspired by GMail.. and aren't you using very similar technologies as what they are using on GMail??


    Gmail bought nothing to the table that outlook/yahoo/hotmail/genericemailprovider didnt already have.

    Unbelievable ignorance.    Am I also supposed to believe Google Maps had nothing to do with Windows Live Maps?
  • Omar Shahine and team - New Hotmail ​"​Kahuna"

    s_jetha wrote:
    Why was there a sudden cut when Omar was talking about other browsers' support for Kahuna? I really wanted to know if Firefox would support it.
    I love Microsoft dearly, but I wouldn't touch IE6 with a barge poll

    Although IE7 looks very, very interesting...

    Huh?  When you write an application, you make sure you write it so that it's compatible with other browsers.  You don't expect browsers to support your app, especially when it's as crappy as "Kahuna", which is nothing but a piss-poor badly designed response to GMail.

    I'm not going to get into the deficiencies of Windows Live but its suffice say that it's slow, suffers from a horrible UI, is cluttered with ads, has horrible spyware detection and lacks creative vision (yes, its in bold for a good reason).   Microsoft is great at imitating cutting-edge products, adding a twist of crapiness and calling it a product.  Unfortunately, this is just another item in a list of imitations that falls short.

    Oh, did I mention that if you don't have JS turned off, it's unusable?

    I say, hire some people from outside Microsoft (so that you don't end up with brainwashed monkeys) and can provide insight/knowledge not available at Microsoft TechEd conferences and start over.  Start with some use cases, then the UI and work your way down.  Strive to be better than GMail, not just a pathetic imitator.  That guy who invented Hotmail must be laughing at what you guys have done to it.

    Also, present the link to "Cancel My Account" as soon as you login since thats the most likely option one is to pursue after comparing this product with other of its kind.