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  • Windows Mobile 6.0 Things and Stuff

    A beta of WM6 for the excalibur was released ages ago and you can get the final now. Unfortunately you need to pay $20 to CID unlock your HTC S620 (the one in the video) to flash it with a T-mobile ROM instead of an HTC one. T-mobiles WM6 final actually just came out the other day but the HTC version won't be out to June. I'm not sure if the one in the video is the T-mobile one or not. The problem with the T-Mobile beta is it includes an application which sends about 5 SMS a day to a UK phone number so until you uninstall that app you might run up a rather large phone bill.

    One thing thats badly designed is that you should be allowed to press D to delete or R to reply to email messages, unfortunatley on Smartphone you need to use numbers. However on pocket PC querty devices you can use letters.