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  • Tony Williams: Co-inventor of COM

    samirsshah wrote:
    Internet is laying to rest and finally will lay to rest COM.

    SOA is the new COM. But this time the environment is better. There is development support in terms of Windows Communication Foundation. And there is better adoption, both camps (Java and .Net) have embraced it.

    I've started programming when .net just came out and so I've never really used or understood COM or Ole deeply. But if i haven't misunderstood COM was trying to encourage reuse through componentization and Ole was built to enable applications to reuse components of other applications through either embedded usage or object invocation. So how does Ole relate to COM?

    I also agree that SOA is definitely the new COM, it definitely has more chance to achieve what COM couldn't achieve. But I have this cloud of doubt that software reuse is ever really possible, when i say that i mean efficient and cost-effective software reuse.

    I really enjoyed the video btw.

  • Scoble: Exit Stage Left

    RobertScoble wrote:
    Man, you guys all act like you've gotten rid of me or I've died or something. Heheh.

    Anyway, that question came out of my laziness: I never marked the tapes for who was on them.

    So, I'd start each tape out with that question so that if someone found those tapes in 100 years they'd know exactly who was on them and what they did.

    I hope Charles keeps doing that, for just that reason, by the way.

    I discovered later that that is a good way to start a conversation on video since the viewer has no idea who they are seeing and why they are or aren't important to be listening to.

    Sad  i must say i really enjoyed your tapes, best of luck!

    but don't you worry about the tapes, i am sure software will get smart enough to figure out the context of a video soon enough.
  • New Role for Bill in July 2008


    At least to me you are. You'll never know, with all the medical research at the foundation Bill might just double his wealth while change the world once more through bio-med research. He was always talking about how software and biology advances will change the world so let see if he could do the same with biology as he did with software.

    Have to say though, bill didn't look too happy, Steve is in contrast is beaming like Mr Mc'Donalds. I guess Bill leaving means full control to Steve. Oh btw, did you guys know steve is worth 11billon if i remember correctly on Forbes rich list.

  • Ric Merrifield - Microsoft gets down to business with Motion initiative

    This is definitely the most INTERESTING of all videos I've seen yet.  WELL DONE, I will be looking forward to more videos with the motion team in the future.

    Is it possible to obtain a copy of the map? if not, could you do more videos that delve into the the specifics of each business function outlined on the map?

    VERY COOL stuff.


  • ARCast - ERP in a Web 2.0 World with Paul Knopf (Part 1)

    With regard to your point about using RSS in ERP.
    Can we take on vote on how many people out there are getting information overload because of RSS? Personally i've stopped using my rss client for reading blogs a while ago and switched to podcast instead because I find that I simply could not keep up with the amount of information I am bombarded with.

    Maybe RSS is not for everything. there is also a issue of security/authentication which need to be address if exposing ERP data through RSS. Maybe the job of disseminating information from ERP to supplier, customer ought to be left for custom message centers built as part of the ERP.

    Just my thoughts.
  • Jenny Lam - Designing Experiences at Microsoft

    Damn... Jenny is HOT!!!
    Notice the number of people replying to this thread?

    Anyway, Jenny's explaination about the usage of black in the taskbar and sidebar is really intuitive and concrete. Where did you learn design Jenny?

    helveticagirl wrote:
    I wanted to quickly reply to your question about the usage of black in the taskbar and sidebar. Of course color can be so subjective! but some of the benefits the design team thought of when finalizing on a dark, smokey color for periphery UI elements:

    - blends with the periphery of the monitor window. Ever notice how there's a few black dead pixels around the bezel of your monitor? Dark elements seem to fade into it - which takes advantage of those dead pixels at the same time making the UI proportionally smaller. (Is really true how black is slimming? )

    - for max'd windows, puts the focus on the content of the windows. (aka "swelling force") + more obvious difference between max and restored windows

    - high contrast with the content area (putting more focus on users stuff over chrome)

    - neutral yet professional color that works well with other elements

    JAMES Big Smile 
  • Blue Hat 2005 - Security Researchers come to MS, Part III

    How about giving us some actual video of presentations?

    I mean it's great that you let us know what's going on within microsoft. But how about sharing some of those security awareness presentation with Channel Niners?



  • Erik von Fuchs - Tour of Hardware Lab, Clip One

    Can Channel 9 get a video of all hardware designed and manufactured by microsoft?