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Zian Choy zian Exploding heads since 1988
  • IE9 Beta

    IE 9 is completely unusable for me due to video driver issues too. For the sake of conciseness, let's just say that my Reliability Score went from about 5 (due to IE  8 crashes) to 1 (due to IE 9 crashes).




    I'm using a ThinkPad T400 with ATI switchable graphics. For the curious, my setup is something like this:




    • ThinkPad
    • ThinkPad dock
    • All peripherals connected to the dock except for the webcam, which is hooked up to the left external screen
    • 2 Dell LCD screens (left one via DVI and right one via VGA)
    • Disabled ThinkPad screen
    • MS ergo keyboard
    • MS mouse
    • Macally webcam
    • Iomega large USB drive




    I've already posted the issue to Connect:







    Besides slow tab switching and green artifacts, I'm also getting:




    -Constant tab hangs
    -IE9 doesn't always catch crashed tabs (so I have to kill the process tree w/ Process Explorer)
    -When I switch to another tab, the stuff in the previous tab continues to be displayed
    -I have to force the window to be re-drawn when I go to a new website (generally by dragging IE9 off the edge of the screen and dragging it back)
    -Textboxes (such as the C9 one) are extremely slow to respond to keystrokes so spelling mistakes become a frequent occurrence.
    -Things that use the browser control (such as Semagic) are also a horror to use
    -The vertical scrollbar does not accurately extend to the bottom of websites.
    -Resizing the IE9 window occasionally causes the contents of the website to get stretched, which looks absolutely wretched with ClearType because all the subaliasing pixels get wildly contorted.




    I looked for new video drivers and found this helpful little tidbit at Lenovo's site (http://www-307.ibm.com/pc/support/site.wss/MIGR-72858.html):




    Windows 7: 13 Oct 2009 (8.641.1.1-090824a-089811C)
    Windows Vista: 28 Apr 2009 (8.563.2.1-090401a-079160C)
    Windows XP: 10 Aug 2010 (8.752-100629a-102476C)




    Your eyes aren't fooling you, by the way. Windows XP has newer video drivers than Windows 7.




    I would be delighted if the IE9 team could get in touch with the person who has the power to poke Lenovo firmly in the side about the issue.


    If anyone wants more details/experiments/etc, fire away. I'll be uninstalling IE9 in the morning (Pacific Time).




    Incidentally, if you're wondering about the IE8 crashes, the condensed version is that resetting the browser & clearing the cache, et al does not fix the problem. I haven't tried reformatting the computer yet.

    Edit: New C9 bug, ahoy. Whenever I edit a post, the carriage returns double. If the powers-that-be could shrink my post back down to size, that would be wonderful.

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    Have you tried finding the thread in Procexp and then checking the stack to see the thread in context?

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    I'm so glad that I'm not alone...for me, VS 2010 crashes almost every other time I press F5. And I'm just dealing with WinForms & a simple WPF project.

    Edit: Yes, if I recall correctly, the problem was AnkhSVN.

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    6 years ago, I was panicking about passing a chemistry class and Spanish class (along with their respective AP tests). I still panic about things I don't really understand.


    I've gone from knowing BASIC and a bit of VB .NET to feeling comfortable with a wide range of languages and having a much bigger toolset courtesy of UC Irvine.

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  • Hello World



    If you feel a desperate need after a while for more features, then take a look at Eclipse.

  • The 2010 Laptop Thread

    The ThinkPad T410 (upgrade the screen and warranty accordingly) should fit your specs and it's lighter than the ThinkPad T510.

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    I've switched to using DiffMerge.

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    This exists in Windows Vista and Windows 7 as "Previous Versions."

  • Hey Niners, Got any Windows issues we can (try and) solve for you on Help Desk?

    Jaz said:

    (are we supposed to email these or leave them here)


    Heres another question though.


    How can i get windows 7 to switch power modes on my laptop automatically?  So when i plug it in on AC it switches to high performance mode and when i unplug it, it switches to low power mode?



    >Send to ch9live(AT)microsoft(DOT)com or tweet us @ch9live