Everything that is currently available can be found under http://msdn.microsoft.com/coding4fun

The webcast they are talking about doesn't appear on there. I'll make sure Dan or Brian get a link in here, or information on when it will be available (if its a future article). I'll also see if they know what's happening on the half life stuff.

Finally if anyone is interested in the pan-tilt camera kit you can find it here http://www.phidgetsusa.com/
specific link http://www.phidgetsusa.com/cat/viewproduct.asp?category=20000&subcategory=20300&SKU=LM-CPT-KT-WC

As for the <sarcasm> - it may seem very simple and not worth it to you, but the point of Coding4Fun is to encourage small beginner, hobbyist developers to be interested in coding. If someone from that audience sees the code and gets inspired to modify it to do something else then our job is done.