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Tech Off ASPX page to stream a PDF 27
  • Designing Metro style: principles and personality

    I really fear that Metro design maybe missing the mark completely. At about 39 minutes in sums it up...the point is made that the old Icons are ridiculous and the new ones make much more sense. I find the new look busy, distracting, and I wouldn't know where to go to calculate something, start a new generic document, make a new appointment, or start a new email.

    The animation is nice for a phone, but quite distracting for a computer or tablet for that manner. It takes me away from what I was trying to focus on and diverts me to pay attention to whatever is now moving on the screen. I think there are some serious flaws in the thinking behind making Metro Apps the mainstay of Desktop or tablet form factors.

  • Hanselminutes on 9 - ASP.NET MVC 2 Preview 1 with Phil Haack and Virtual Scott

    I'm running IE8 and the only formats that work for me are the audio only ones. Cant get video in any of the formats to work