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  • Special Surface Offer for TechEd Attendees via Microsoft Retail Store

    @jszczepa:  I'll carry them home for you.....  

    I was actually just having this same discussion with someone.  It would be a great if the Microsoft store at the conference could offer a shipping option - even if only for those of us in the US. Imagine they could get a discount if they were shipping hundreds of small boxes....


  • Special Surface Offer for TechEd Attendees via Microsoft Retail Store

    @Vecna: You asked how we use our tablets....

    I use my Samsung Series 7 Windows 8 slate in the same ways I used a notebook computer. Since getting it, I've not touched my netbook that I bought for portability.

    I do have a Bluetooth keyboard that I carry around too. Between the slate and keyboard; however, it is less space and weight than my notebooks. I find that I only pull out the keyboard when I'm doing coding or writing on the machine. If I'm doing other tasks with minimal typing, I use the on screen keyboard.

    I find I keep it with me a lot more. I also use it for a lot of 'less productive' things that a notebook just doesn't work for. I have use it with my xbox as well as use it when watching television to follow social media response.

    My initial inclination was that this was great for playing games email. I've found it is much more useful than that.

    If you use technology, then you'll find there is plenty to do with a tablet.

  • Build It Once For Both: Writing Code and Designing for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8

    Ironically, I was at a local Microsoft store (kiosk) this past week and the sales guy said that developing for Windows Phone 8 was not something to do since support will end in 2014. He stated that you should develop for Windows RT because that is what phones will be running soon. If that is the case, then will this session be outdated within a few months, or was the Microsoft guy in the kiosk talking nonsense? This sounds like an interesting session to attend, but now I'm concerned about what is changing with "Blue" or other near-term changes.

  • Keynote Presentation

    Any insights into what will be announced or who some of the secondary speakers will be?