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I'm a C# and C++ platform developer. I write client/server software for C#, I enjoy classic games for DOS and the PlayStation. I own a PS2 and a PSP.


  • Welcome Golnaz to Channel 9

    @okii: I'm more than happy to discuss more in-depth this privately. In retrospect, I probably came off a little more harshly than I intended to sound, but I was frustrated at the time, and it unintentionally came out here.

  • Welcome Golnaz to Channel 9

    @Carl: uhm, really? must you troll that crap here? I see nothing offensive or racially-charged about Hamid_Fathi's comments. He merely said, 'you go, girl!' from one Iranian to another. End of story.

    If I were foreign-born, I too would be proud of a fellow member of my country who was doing well and probably would have expressed it the same way! People who live in glass houses should not be so quick to throw stones, my friend.

    @G-naz:  I know I've been pretty silent here, but I would like to say, I wish you all the success in the world with keeping up Channel 9. C9's videos are engaging and highly informative.

    Though, one thing I can say that I'd most enjoy is more Behind the Code and Going Deep with more people from the Windows team.

    Good luck, and go get 'em! Big Smile