Using Perfmon to Diagnose Application Issues - 02

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Performance Monitor is oftentimes an overlooked tool when troubleshooting application issues.  But in the production environment, it can be invaluable to helping you determine just what kind of application issue you have.  Perfmon has a lot to offer, so we dedicate Part 2 of this series to this simple – but vital – tool.


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The Discussion

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    Is there a way to see the "current time" of the events that are occurring in a saved perfmon log? I know you can see and select the range of time you want to look at within the file-- but, if you have a large range loaded, can you see what the date/time was at a particular point within that range you're looking at?

    Loving the series -- keep them coming!!!

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    @Matador5115: It's easy on Vista & above.  Just hold the mouse pointer over the counter (on the graph) of interest, and a tooltip window will appear with information, including the time.
    NOTE: You may not get all the information in the tooltip if the perfmon window isn't big enough, so make sure perfmon is maximized when you try this.

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    Complaint - Concern.

    I watch a lot of videos on this site and your pitch and delivery was good but it was way too much information for me without demos.  I could use smaller doses with demos of live application perfmon tracing to solidify all of this information.

    Thanks (Concerned) follower.

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    @WizardX:That's fair.  I'm working on episodes 7 - ? now, so I'll keep this in mind.

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    I will say in addition...

    - I definately don't want to attack the messenger but, I've tried to attack system debugging on Windows a few times and I just never have gotten as good at it as I was on UNIX.

    I'm going to watch all of your episodes a few times and see how far it takes me.

    I really appreciate you taking the time to do this... I have the same problem with SQL Server and using Performance Tuning, but that's for another forum...

    Thanks again and keep up the good work.

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    Thanks Brad for doing the series. When is the next set of videos coming up?

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    @NTDude Current ETA is late summer. 

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