A Developer's Guide to Windows 10: (08) Adaptive Code

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    I am a bit concerned about the dependency versioning (with minVersion and maxVersionTested). Will every device in a certain family be able to update to the latest version of the API? The versioning looks a little bit like one used in Android and what I'm afraid of is that developers will be forced to use very old APIs to cover majority of devices on the market because a lot of devices among users won't be able to be updated to the latest version of the system.

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    @LukasNeoproud: The difference from Android is that we are going to be pushing updates to end users to keep their machines up to date. Android device suppliers have not done a good job of updating existing devices in the field.

    The other way we can support is that the Windows Store can manage multiple versions of an app, so any users who have not updated their machines will still get the old version of the app.

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