ASP.NET - Enhancing your Web API: Part 1 [8 of 13]

Play ASP.NET - Enhancing your Web API: Part 1 [8 of 13]

The Discussion

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    In a previous video you explicitly set the "route" for our API page. In this video you modified the scafolding value "api/[controller]" to "[controller]" but did not explain the pixie dust that changes "[controller]" to "products" in our web application. Where does the value for "[controller]" come from in this example?
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    This confused me as well. It appears to come from the class name. Since the class name is "ProductsController", the endpoint would be "/Products" or "/products" (case insensitive). If you created a similar controller page named "FooController.cs", the routing to that page would be "/Foo" or "/foo".

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    how can I make visualstuido autocomplete JsonFileProductService as I'm typing. It's frustrating after phpstorm...

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    It's not working for me. And i don't want to waste my time figuring whats wrong.
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    No interface for ProductService injected into the Products Controller Ugg Nasty

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